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What is Spirit Anchor

Spirit Anchor is a website with the emphasis on introducing the metaphysically minded and those curious about metaphysical principles to professional services in their area.  Spirit Anchor is a member-driven spiritual community for like-minded individuals to connect with each other via our Forum, a resources page, as well as our on-line store where visitors and members can order metaphysical and spiritual items such as Angel Cards, Crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, Prayer Bowls and so much more.  ‚Äč

Our mission is to provide significant and quantitative information on all things Metaphysical and MetaSpiritual.  We connect website visitors seeking services such as Psychics, Mediums & Channelers, Spiritual Counselors & Coaches, Healers, Paranormal Researchers and Astrologers to professionals in their area. Visitors and members will also find information on Spiritual/Metaphysical course-work, retreats, and other Metaphysical/MetaSpiritual related resources, all in a safe space throughout the Spirit Anchor website.

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