About Us

Spirit Anchor was founded by Kristen Schmitt in 2016. Kristen is a Reiki practitioner with more than 25+ years of professional experience in business operations, sales, marketing and media production – she is also Empathic (clairsentient) with clairvoyant abilities. Kristen has always been fascinated with Metaphysics and recalls being able to channel energy at an early age.

Kristen recently sold her two small pet-care businesses in Michigan to spend time in Southern California and attend IWWC, a learning center for the spiritually gifted. During this time, Schmitt recalls being guided to form Spirit Anchor. “I was wondering why there wasn’t an on-line place for people like myself to come together with other like-minded professionals, or even just a forum to post similar experiences on or find relevant resources.” After serious meditation and spiritual guidance, the idea for Spirit Anchor was imposed.

OUR MISSION: To have the most compelling and current Metaphysical/ MetaSpiritual information for our visitors and members; working together to create a dynamic and cohesive enlightened safe space for all.

To learn more about Kristen's spiritual journey via the  "Awakening with Katina Love" show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHi0kaM20KE&t=651s