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Katina Love will be launching a course and coaching program Monday, Oct. 1st, 2018 called 13 ways SELF-LOVE prepares You for YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE. The course and coaching program is designed to prepare the aspiring or current coach, healer or creative entrepreneur (writer, author, speaker, teacher etc.) with having the foundation of unconditional self-love, confidence and a positive mind-set; so they can follow their dreams and serve the world on a bigger scale and more impactful way! Also to help them move past limiting beliefs about themselves and move past the fear of what other people may think of them! My coaching program and course will also teach light workers and creative entrepreneurs the skills they need to help raise the consciousness of humanity and help them become their best version! This course and coaching program will be a HUGE asset to them. 
Telephone:       (248) 820-1563

The essential inner-business checklist I for Metaphysical/MetaSpiritual Practitioners
Whether you are brand new to small business or have had a flourishing metaphysical business for years, the following are just some tips for all levels of practitioners; some of the points are common sense and some might be new to you.  Either way, I hope you get something out of the following inner-checklist:
Who is my target audience and how are you going to take care of them?  
How much time to you spend on marketing and advertising your business?  
Networking is more than just mingling “Hi, my name is Kristen Schmitt, I own a web-based business for Metaphysical Practitioners.Spirit Anchor is a directory for our web visitors to locate professionals in their area such as healers and psychics, and a myriad of other resources.Spirit Anchor connects like-minded professionals who are journeying towards their greater purpose….” …and so on.  
How am I doing financially?  
Competition: why a healthy dose of you do what I do is good for everybody and/or how to start in the Meta field?  
Take good care of yourself and be kind to yourself  
Be a life-long learner  
We would love your feedback on this article and for you to provide your own  check list items that would  benefit your fellow Spirit Anchor members.  Send us an e-mail and let us know what Business Essentials you use in your everyday practice.  Thanks for reading, have a prosperity filled day!

Right Livelihood by Kristen Schmitt
The Buddhist philosophy of Right Livelihood dates as far back as the 4th century BC.  Buddha wrote about many great things, but the one viewpoint that has resonated with me throughout the years is that of Right Livelihood, from the Eight Fold Path.
The premise is simple: do what makes you happy, and do what serves your soul.  Thousands of years later and this principle is still a topic numerous people discuss and live by.  For some, they might not have the wherewithal to find happiness in their work, or might not have the resources to do so due to financial constraints, lack of education, or even they might not even be able to work.  For others, they endlessly seek a career that has them jumping around from employer to employer, but yet, never feel fulfilled.
Then, there are those who “get it.” They work in areas that they’ve felt “called to,” and feel fulfilled.  It doesn’t really matter if they are lawyers or monks, each person is entitled to derive joy from how they spend their days, and how they make a living – how they interact with others, and how they feel at the end of the day.
I’ve struggled with this concept my entire life.  I’ve always wanted to feel great about getting up in the morning and then heading to a job I loved, yet many of my time was spent working at places or for people I just never really felt connected to.  Around the age of 35, I prayed to find happiness in my career.  I had spent the first decade and half working in restaurants, the film industry, sales and marketing, and although there were components in each of these roles that I liked, there were also many I disliked.  How could I combine all the things I loved into a career?
A few years later,  I started PetCare AuPair, aka PCAP.  PCAP quickly became the largest and most respected dog walking and pet sitting company in the metro-Detroit area, and then I opened Pet-n-Paw, a pet boutique in Ferndale, Michigan.  Both of these businesses combined my love for animals, working in my community, and of course owning my own business which I had always wanted to do.  Several years in, I started questioning my worth and my businesses, which were both growing so quickly, I wasn’t sure which direction to take them in, and how to have a decent work/life balance.  I had gone through a divorce during this time, and simply just plowed through next steps like I was eating potato chips.
After one of my best friends died, I started thinking more about how I wanted to spend the next chapter of my life.  Was it working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day like I had been doing, or did I need to explore other options.  Alas, I ended up selling both businesses to my manager.  I took off for a few months and travelled with my pups in a travel trailer, then ended back up in Southern California.  I loved working with small businesses, so I parlayed my talents into consulting, but mostly just attended a Metaphysical school and chilled at the beach…it was a long deserved sabbatical.  However, it was also combined with extreme regret of selling my businesses which I so loved.  I won’t go into the details of this regret as I need to move on, but it was really hard and I suffered some pretty major depression over it.
Fast forward a few years later and my calling from the Universe to start Spirit Anchor.  I loved the idea of creating this website and serving the metaphysical and spiritual community.  Now, two years later, and Spirit Anchor has morphed into something a little bit different than I initially anticipated, but it’s still a beautiful website with wonderful resources. 
I have always felt best when I feel I am making a difference, so when my partner Robert and I moved just South of Houston for his work, and with the notion we would be down here for a while, I started seeking out opportunities.  I had heard there was an opening at the local SPCA, and felt my background would be really well-suited for this role, especially because I am also the co-founder of a no-kill cat shelter in Michigan.
I was hired as the new Executive Director and I have just now finished week three.  Although the challenges in this role are the toughest I’ve ever faced or encountered, I feel this is all part of the master plan in my journey. This got me to thinking back on the subject of Right Livelihood.  Could a job be considered right for me, even if there are so many challenges?  Then I thought, well why not: there are so many facets I enjoy and I will just need to get over these initial obstacles.
I loved my businesses, but it was time to move on.  I love that I am now helping homeless and neglected animals, so this is a good fit for now.  So, for me, the premise of Right Livelihood is being in a role, that serves at that specific time; sustaining the feeling I am making a difference and finding happiness in both the small and large “things,” and simply knowing we are here for such a short amount of time, so why not enjoy what you do…and if not, simply move on to something that brings you joy.  Money isn’t everything, but happiness is!


DREAMS – aiding in a good night sleep or more?
Different types of (brain) activity and waves observed:
Beta:                Awake and actively thinking
Alpha:              Awake, relaxed, transitional, meditative, the phase between awake & being asleep
Theta:              Deep relaxation/light sleep
Delta:              Stage 4 sleep – no dreaming
REM:               Dreaming
Why we dream is still one of the behavioral sciences' greatest unanswered questions. Researchers have offered many theories, memory consolidation, emotional regulation, threat simulation - but a unified one remains, well, a pipe dream.  Nevertheless, people continue mining their nighttime reveries for clues to their inner lives, for creative insight, and even for premonitions.
A dream is successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and spiritual/religious interest, throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is called oneirology.

Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. REM sleep is revealed by continuous movements of the eyes during sleep. At times, dreams may occur during other stages of sleep. However, these dreams tend to be much less vivid or memorable.
Numerous theories state that dreaming is a random by-product of REM sleep physiology.  and that it does not serve any natural purpose.  Evolutionary psychologists believe dreams serve some adaptive function for survival. Deirdre Barrett describes dreaming as simply "thinking in different biochemical state" and believes people continue to work on all the same problems
personal and objective in that state. Her research finds that anything math, musical composition, business dilemmas may get solved during dreaming. In a related theory, which Mark Blechner terms "Oneiric Darwinism," dreams are seen as creating new ideas through the generation of random thought mutations. Some of these may be rejected by the mind as useless, while others may be seen as valuable and retained.

Finnish psychologist Antti Revonsuo posits that dreams have evolved for "threat simulation" exclusively. According to the Threat Simulation Theory he proposes, during much of human evolution physical and interpersonal threats were serious, giving reproductive advantage to those who survived them. Therefore, dreaming evolved to replicate these threats and continually practice dealing with them. In support of this theory, Revonsuo shows that contemporary dreams comprise much more threatening events than people meet in daily non-dream life, and the dreamer usually engages appropriately with them. It is suggested by this theory that dreams serve the purpose of allowing for the rehearsal of threatening scenarios in order to better prepare an individual for real-life threats.

According to Cathy Lee Tsoukalas (2012) the biology of dreaming is related to the reactive patterns elicited by predatorial encounters (especially the tonic immobility reflex), a fact that lends support to evolutionary theories claiming that dreams specialize in threat avoidance and/or emotional processing.
English writer Anders Johansson argues that dreams show desire as well as fear; and relates dreams to four areas essential for humans to survive and thrive: physical danger, social status, health and sexual reproduction. He argues that we dream of danger and humiliation and bad health in order to encourage us to fear and avoid these things; but also dream of higher social status and desirable members of the opposite sex in order to encourage our pursuit of them thus making dreams a total evolutionary system.
Symbols are the language of dreams. A symbol can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning than any one word can convey. At the same time, these symbols can leave you confused and wondering what that dream was all about.
Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a powerful tool. In analyzing your dreams, you can learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. Remember that no one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than yourself.
Let’s consider a few of them:  
Sexual Dreams
In many cases, dreaming of sex isn’t really about sex. From a psychological perspective, dreams about having sex may symbolize the merging of contrasting aspects of yourself or a need to incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into yourself. Consider your dream partner and what it is that you admire or love about them for an idea of what you are trying to merge into yourself.
In some instances it may be a safe way to release pent up or repressed sexual desire; you may be exploring your own needs and desires; or it may be compensating for a lack of having a physical relationship in waking life. It may also be suggestive of a need for emotional love or desire to be loved and wanted.
Suicide dreams Friends Dreams Flying Dreams
Dreams of flying may represent high hopes; feeling that nothing can hold you down or keep you from reaching your goals; and could indicate that you are feeling in control of your life and your emotions. Usually a sense of euphoria or freedom is felt when flying in dreams, perhaps signifying you have freed yourself of a sticky situation or have achieved a recent goal. Freud saw flying as representing sexual release.
Dreaming you are airborne may indicate you are reaching new heights or levels of achievement in your career or you may be reaching higher levels of spirituality or consciousness; may also represent attaining or reaching for your high ideals or goals in life.
Alternately, flying may be compensating for a lack of freedom in waking life or may suggest you are overlooking or avoiding something. It may also suggest that you need to see things from a higher perspective or to look at the big picture. While flying you may also be looking down on or feeling negatively about something or someone, possibly yourself.
Death Dreams
Dreaming of death or dying may symbolize a phase in your life has come to an end and something new is beginning. Since the people in your dreams often depict different aspects of yourself, then the person you see dead or dying is important to deciphering the dream. What does this person represent to you? For instance, a child dying can symbolize you are maturing in some way and leaving a childish aspect of yourself behind. Work Dreams Money Dreams
In general, money in dreams may represent your finances, your self-worth, your personal values or your security.
 Paper money or bills   
Every detail, even the minutest element in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams. Each symbol represents a feeling, a mood, a memory or something from your unconscious. Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your dreams. Even the most trivial symbol can be significant.
Dream interpretation websites:
**Want to explore a dream you had?  Visit the Dreams Thread on the Spirit Anchor Forum

For the past three weeks I have not been myself.  I moved from Maryland to Texas - I know, I know!!  Moving and other big life details should never try to be accomplished during MIR but I had no control as my partner was transferred for work, and alas, really had no choice.  Historically, I can count my bad moods and depressive state to MIR, and without fail, the worst of the worst has fallen during these specific dates.  Towards the end, I start to see the light and know it will be over soon.  This current MIR is 23 days long, almost an entire month.  Everyone I've spoken with has had some-sort of problem or mishap, chaos, medical condition or depression over the past month.  

My move was horrible: bait/switch from the movers in which we were charged double the quote.  My health took a strange turn of high blood pressure and sore shoulders.  My overall perception of the world was nothing short of ugh!!  Ugh indeed.  Why does this time affect us so, and what can we do about it!?!  I found several articles which all pretty much summed up the obvious: don't do anything major, don't buy a house or other large item, don't get engaged, married or split from your partner, don't sign any contracts, and so on.  Do: leave early for flights and/or meetings, double check everything including texts and e-mails before sending, as well as lot's of deep breaths and forgiveness not only to others but to yourself.

If you can manage, this is also a good time to finish started projects, reach out to someone you may have not spoken with in a while, and perhaps even write down your goals for the next few months before the next MIR takes effect - July 26 - August 19th, yep another (almost) month of craziness.  What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?  I Found this article most helpful:  For those wanting the simplest answer without having to click, it simply means this is when Mercury, the planet is closest to the sun and appears to move backwards...which it really doesn't.

So friends, just one more day, then about a week to re-adjust until we are back to our normal selves.  Hang in there, we call can do it!!

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A Healer can be a real guide for the Joy of Living - getting to know Medical Intuitive Geoffrey Morell by Kristen Schmitt
During a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was flipping through the TV channels and came across a PBS program on Alternative Healing.  Featured, was a man named Geoffrey Morell who resided in Southern Maryland.  For days, I kept saying to myself, I need to look this person up as he seemed so interesting to me.
I finally viewed his website and reached out to make a healing appointment as I have been hard-pressed to find my “tribe” in the remote Chesapeake region.  I received a quick reply and two days later I was headed to Brandywine, Maryland for my session.  As I drove up, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  His beautiful house, circa 1870, was situated on a hundred+ acres, which includes the working farm of Geoffrey and his wife, the PA Bowen Farmstead.
Geoffrey greeted me and we headed to his work space. Immediately I felt a kindship with this 92 year-young-soul.  Before he “worked” on me, we chatted about metaphysics and I explained Spirit Anchor and my gifts to him.  He told me a little bit about his background and that of his wife, nutrition author Sally Fallon Morell, whom I met that same day. He worked on me for the better part of an hour and a half, scanning my body for blocks and negative energy, all while going through my organs and various parts of my body in a methodical yet calming way.
When he was finished, I truly felt a shift even though I wasn’t sure what was yet to come.  He doesn’t charge a specific amount for his services, he simply leaves it up to his clients to “donate” to him with what they see fit.  I spent a little more time chatting with his wife, then I was pleasantly surprised by Geoffrey on a 4X4 tour of his property, which was such an amazing delight. We passed barns filled with all types of live-stock, from chickens and geese to bovine and pigs.  As we parted, I headed into his store and bought several items, such as organic butter, kombucha, raw cheese and Sally’s best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions
I wanted to know more about Geoffrey and his journey so I asked him if he would be willing to be interviewed, and he merrily agreed.  My first question to him, was at what age did he pursue his naturopathic roots, and here is what he had to say…
“At the age of fifteen, the age at which one could leave school in New Zealand, my parents decided it was time for me to do something meaningful.  As my uncle was being called for duty during the WWII period, my grandfather was short of help.  Thus, I was shipped to the far north of New Zealand to my grandfather’s farm, to help out with all of the farm activities, including milking the cows. Because of the war, the able-bodied young people gathered together down at a local beach, building trenches to keep the Japanese from invading. We were issued with old-time rifles, and about ten rounds of ammo, and later we were given one Tommy Gun for the entire group.  That was how we were supposed to hold back the Japanese if they invaded!”
He continued.  “The Spirit of adventure got into me and I decided to join the Navy.  Eventually I obtained my own farm where I milked about a hundred cows, twice per day for thirty years. I also served six terms as a County Representative in Franklin County, South Auckland until I retired.  During that period, I became interested in “Monetary Reform,” and was that (particular) Political Party’s candidate for  Parliament for four   terms – I never did win, but I received more votes with each election.     During all of this time, I was a keen on alternative medicine, particularly homeopathy and herbs, and in the   1970’s, I was invited to listen to a notable natural healer Colin Lambert, who was giving a demonstration; this changed my life. As I was seated there in the company of many others, I felt as though my hands had been severed, almost as if I was up on the stage with Colin assisting him.   Three days later, while “electioneering” in East Auckland, I met a woman who just had chemotherapy  and was thoroughly nauseated. I told her about my experience with Colin; she then invited me to try what I had witnessed and learned a few nights before. I therefore emulated what   I had observed, and  her unpleasantness disappeared. I was later informed by her son that this woman was doing much better.   Thus, I just had to do   what Colin   Lambert was doing.” 
As Geoffrey continued his journey, he got involved with Siddah Yoga, and   Swami Mutuanande.      He chose to use his own method to learn how to heal as no one else was prepared or equipped to show him.   In meditation he kept asking to be shown how to heal people and to do what the Philippine healers were doing, like psychic surgery without any unpleasantness such as blood or guts.
“Eventually spirit guides came to me and showed me how to do the various aspects of healing.  One showed me how to rid Negative Aura’s from around the body.  For two years he was with me, and then after that, a new spirit guide appeared; an Asian man with two pigtails. He stayed with me for about two years as well, after which he was three spirit beings.  The first was like Sai Bab of India, the second was Christ, and the last was a blond female from Greece – one or all of them would appear and help me whenever I needed them.”
And so, the Clendinning Technique was born – the name brought about as Geoffrey was lecturing to the students at the Academy of Natural Medicine.  Clendinning is Geoffrey’s middle name, and it just seemed most fitting.
Geoffrey married and had five children, however after thirty years of marriage, he and his wife parted ways. Geoffrey decided to relocate to Australia and opened a health clinic which offered a number of healing modalities including classes on massage and hydrotherapy, and he became certified in several principles, including Hemiview.  He also took classes in anatomy. In his work he contributes much of his thinking to the Power of the Mind. 
Geoffrey first visited the US in 1945 while in the Navy when his ship docked in San Diego.  He returned back in the 1970’s to check out the herbal company, Nature’s Sunshine Products, as well as to attend some expos conducted by the National Health Federation,  at which he met many prominent alternative health professionals.
He then travelled around the world, but came back to the states in 1996 to attend the Cancer Control Expo in Pasadena, California - this is where he learned about morinda, a South pacific healing herb.  Attendees were asked to give a ten-minute overview on their work and thoughts regarding getting people better.  In this particular session, he listened to his fellow practitioners, including the vice president of Price Pottinger Nutrition Foundation, (PPNF) a woman named Sally Fallon who would later become his wife.  Morell reflects, “She spoke about Jersey Cows being the best type of milking cows…but since I had raised pedigreed Ayrshires on my own farm in New Zealand, I had to find a way to express my own opinion.”  He adds, “When lunch time came, I noticed her sitting at a table, so I kneeled down to be at her same level, and I informed her about my knowledge of cows to which she fortunately listened.”
Geoffrey was really moved by the topics discussed that day, especially the fact that these people were talking about other people getting better without drugs.  The chairman of the expo was also on the board of PPNF who invited Geoffrey to meet “How We Heal” author and San Diego native Pat Connolly; and eventually he did.  When he called Pat to make plans, Sally was the person who answered the phone, and when he showed up at Pat’s, Sally was the one who opened the door.  During his time staying with Mr. Connolly, he performed his own healings to people, and was invited to join the PPNF Board of Directors.
He and Sally were certainly on the same wave-length; however, Sally flew home to Washington DC; Geoffrey followed soon after.  In September of 2003, the two were married.  They lived in downtown DC, Chinatown to be exact, before purchasing their beautiful Brandywine farm, the P.A. Bowen Farmstead in 2009.
Mr. Morell believes in the power of healthy eating, as well as setting and keeping goals. Just as importantly he says, “I have in the past, seen people close to me who have attended spiritual healers without  receiving  a physical , or mental change ,  so  I am ever grateful to see  such a improvement in a client or patient - It warms the heart, and one can feel so  humble, seeing or hearing of the positive results.” 
When I asked Geoffrey about other healers and possible misconceptions about the art of healing, he reflected, “Reiki treatments are available by other practitioners and I recognize there as many healing modalities as there are breakfasts in a year.   And I am not trying to be competitive, but there is an absence of guidance towards staying well, which we all should strive for.  As a healer, when one hears of a person being able to see again or another person no longer feels sick, or even when the X-rays have shown growths to be receding as a result of one’s work, I feel truly grateful and humble.”
He told me that many people would come to him or other healers over and over, and could never really effectively be healed because they didn’t believe (in their hearts) they could be; but those who understand that they needed to take an active part in their own healing, usually did just that: heal.
“The planet needs hundreds of people carrying out this form healing and making people better,” Geoffrey states,  “It includes the teachings of people like the late Louise Hay, with her insights into why people get sick.  She created two marvelous books, Heal Your Body, and Heal Your Life. These two books are essential reading for everyone.”
“There is also the Westin A. Price and of course my wife, the author Sally Fallon Morell,  as people need to consume better foods and retain better health. Her best-selling book, Nourishing Traditions has truly changed people lives for the better.”  He summed up that setting goals are paramount for anyone to heal themselves, and simply live the best life they can.
It’s true I imagine – we do need more healers in our world, now more than ever.  I believe all of us, OK, a good many of us, have the capability to heal others and ourselves, but most people have never heard of these principles, and many times can’t fathom something outside of Western medicine to cure even the most delicate malady. I also trust that the universe has put me in contact with other healers, like Geoffrey to help spread the word that this type of modality is not only viable, but necessary for us crazy little humans to grow, live, and heal. 
So what’s next for this renaissance man? Geoffrey is teaching a workshop entitled “You Can Be a Healer!” at his Brandywine Farm (Maryland) on Sunday, April 29th from 10AM-4PM.  The cost is just $65 and includes lunch, as well as his book: Energy Healing with the Clendenning Technique. Just after his workshop, he is headed back to New Zealand in April to teach a series of his courses and to reunite with several students who now use his methods to heal others.  He continues to manage his gorgeous farm, and truly enjoys working with clients from all over, including working remotely…healing each person one touch at a time!
For more information on Geoffrey Morell, please visit: or call (202) 237-8763. And if you’re (ever) in Southern Maryland, come visit:


The new eLearning platform on is coming soon!

This coursework is geared to teach students of all skill levels, new techniques or simply new information on varies Metaphysical and MetaSpiritual subject matter, such as How to Start Your Own Metaphysical Business, taught by yours truly - Spirit Anchor founder, Kristen Schmitt.  We will have classes on other important topics like Tarot, Meditation, Speaking with your Spirit Guides, Connecting with your Angels, and much more!

Visit the Education Page on for more information on our upcoming classes, and please tell you friends...we are so excited to get the word out!

Love & light - Kristen


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Y.M.I. who?
Y.M.I. sick????!!!

I have noticed a LOT of people are experiencing colds, the flu, sinus infections, etc. And the word that popped is that it is because of GUILT. When we feel Guilt, our immunity lowers and sickness can get in. 

What is Guilt? It is all about judging yourself. Guilt is ‘supposed’ to be a momentary reaction to help us get back in balance because we either didn’t hold a decision we made (for example, you made the decision to have a small event with just your family and other family members feel slighted... but they don’t realize you needed some intimate time to bond again) or we did not make the right decision in the first place (you knew not to overextend yourself and you did it anyway). (Manifesting Your Desires Course). Guilt stops us from being able to manifest things in our lives.

So, how do you clear being sick? Well, clear your Guilt! (Stop beating yourself up!)
First, write everything down that is bothering you and determine what you could have done differently to prevent it. (Like, holding to your decision of having the intimate family time, or speaking up saying you weren’t going to be able to overextend yourself). 
We make a lot of decisions because we don’t want to reject people and don’t want them to reject us. And every time we do this, we fall into a Dependent Pattern (from 7 Human Roles. How do you feel when you get rejected...? That’s your Dependent Pattern). We don’t make appropriate decisions for ourselves every time we do this and we just accumulate more Guilt.
Second, if you know you made the right decision... Stand firm in it. Hold that decision and honor it. If you did NOT make the right decision, you need to have a clearing conversation either with the person or within yourself. It could look like an apology, clarification, or just knowing you are going to work on not doing that again.
Think of all the conversations going on in your mind right now... clear them with real heartfelt conversations. Then...

Knock knock...
Who’s there?
Guilt, eh? 
By Rona Recker    


 Q&A with Kristi Borst, Intuitive Energy & Emotional Body Practitioner / Spiritual Counselor / Esoteric Healer /  Minister of The Universal Light

How old were you when you discovered your initial talents, and what were they?
I believe I knew my talents when I was born. I performed a self-healing of a physical wound to my face at age 3 or 4 and was told to “never do that again”. I know this separation from Self was part of my pre-designed journey. I buried my abilities so deeply, that for more than 50 years I didn’t know they were there. At age 52 my spirit called for awakening after a dramatic encounter with an American Bald Eagle. I started on a spiritual path of expansion, inner healing and self-actualization that culminated in early 2013 with a flashback to the childhood incident. 
I immediately released any contracts I had made with my dad, and my ability to help others became almost immediately apparent. It had actually been immerging gradually, but I didn’t recognize what was there. The remarkable thing to me about my gifts is that it is all effortless. I merely go to that space of pure love and beingness within myself and others’ minds-bodies-spirits-emotions respond. Of course there has to be an agreement on both of our parts for the partnership to happen.
My abilities, talents, gifts, etc are hard to label, because I believe that setting bounds on what is possible will only limit what I can do. I am allowing my gifts to ever expand and believe that God/Source/All That Is / I AM is working through me AS me.
I have “knowings” and messages which come through uniquely for each client … information to help them un-program self-limiting beliefs and dis-ease and to empower them to best work with their innate Body Intelligence. 
“Healing Resonance with Kristi Borst” is an apt descriptor of the work I do. The frequency, vibration, magnetism, cadence of my voice, messages that come forth, parables, etc help the other’s mind-body-spirit-emotions “remember” that point of balance, calm, light, love. I am “release what no longer serves” in terms of energetic, physical and/or emotional traumas “trapped” or “stuffed” into the body. In fact, I believe that we have physical symptoms in those parts of our body where we have stored our wounds. 
Sometimes wounds are from childhood, sometimes they are even older from other lifetimes or unresolved live challenges. I help clients recognize their Divine Inner Perfection which is a huge doorway to healing depression, feelings of not belonging or feeling “stuck”. One of the first clients I worked on told me she “felt more comfortable in her body” than she had since she was a child. I believe this is a verbalization of the recalibration and reconnective nature of my “work”.
I help clients heal wounds and traumas from childhood, not to chase those children away but to embrace and integrate them; I believe this is essential because when we are children we are the least veiled from our own inherent greatness as individual aspects of an amazing power of love and light that runs through all living things. Reconnection with and healing of the inner child allows the adult self to be more creative, spontaneous, loving, playful … happy! One of the neat aspects of my “work” is that, while messages do certainly come through me for the client, many times when I am working with them their intuition, knowing, abilities are opened so they see the awareness of what needs to be healed. It is this greater perception of ourselves that led me to call my process Perspective Reboot®.
I help clients see their life challenge. “Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change”. I have helped people improve their physical condition in “non-curable” conditions like COPD and arthritis. When someone is willing to see themselves a new, and try to BE a larger version of themselves the changes can be amazing. There are other clients with whom I have had no success, largely men who are unable to admit to themselves that their lives have been anything but wonderful. 
I cannot help someone if they are not willing to really look at themselves, see their “stories” and release the ones that are taking them toward pain and dis-ease. This is why I feel energy healing is a team process. Each individual is gifted with “Free Will”. We can consciously or unconsciously make choices for ourselves that are limiting and create our own personal “hell on Earth”. Or we can more consciously use our Free Will to “release that which no longer serves us” and enables us to be that unique aspect of Source / God / The Universe / Creation that we are truly here to be. It does not require doing and achieving, it requires BEing our Selves … that facet of love and light that only I can be and only you can be. We are each unique and special … that is why we are here!
I offer pain relief and healing acceleration sessions for people who are post-injury or post-surgery. My integrative approach recognizes the good of our modern medical system, but also harnesses the amazing power of mind-body-spirit natural healing, spiritual healing and even miracles. I am able to release physical pain, “calm” physical wounds and help connect the individual with the language their body will be respond to.
You talk about delivering people from pain on your website, what is the biggest obstacle you face when telling people what you do and how do they react?
The United States is one of the only countries in the world in which it is legal for pharmaceuticals to advertise their products. We have to see this as a type of programming, or in the extreme cases, brain washing. As a result, many people believe the only way to heal is to take a pill or have a body part removed. When we recognize that we are more than our bodies (we are a spirit here having a human existence on Earth in a space suit we call “the body”) we need to look beneath the physical manifestation on what else is going on.
The body is a miraculous responder to how we “feed” it, not only nutritionally, but also with our physical activity, thoughts, emotional wounds, stored traumas, ancestral patterns/wounds, and more. As a society, we have been largely ignorant of anything non-physical that affects the body. Just as radio signals, microwaves, cell phone signals are invisible yet are “real” … energy healing is real, amazing and powerful. And when it’s based in love, it can do wonders. 
I believe I am here to help many many people. It’s most difficult knowing I can help a loved one but they are not yet open to a session with me. I respect their choice because I recognize their Free Will and that all paths are perfect. Ultimately, I do not judge anyone who refuses assistance … I allow a Higher Power to be the judge of things!
Yet, I am buoyed by the wonderful sessions, the messages, the healing that comes in, of and through me AS me. I was hidden from mySelf for 50 years! I understand people’s skepticism; if someone had told me that they could do what I do 5 years ago, I would likely not have believed them. Great thing is, I don’t need anyone’s approval or acceptance. I will not live a smaller version of myself to make others more comfortable … whom does it serve when we are small? I believe ultimately, we each need to step into the best version of ourselves.
I trust that God/Source will lead those whom I can help to me in the Divine Right and Perfect Time. Trust, Faith, Compassion, Unconditional Love and Acceptance are my Truths. I also now recognize that abundance is not always in “the flow”. Sometimes we are receiving so much when we appear to be in “the ebb”.  All is Well!
Before reconnecting with my abilities, my husband was very ill with welts and a rash covering more than 70% of his body. Doctors and specialists and eating only plain chicken and salads (gluten free) did not help. He was prescribed Prednisone which kept his symptoms at bay. He was very bloated, sleeping a lot, depressed. He’d have to go off the meds to give his internal organs a break and the symptoms would return.
I believe his illness was actually a gift to us. My spiritual explorations were taking us on slightly different paths. Working together and helping him find and heal the root of his dis-ease bought us back in alignment. Soon his skin was largely smooth and clear, he was drug-free, had lost weight and was eating whatever he wanted. He became one of my greatest supporters! Our daughters and a few close friends also “see me”, which is important for my overall happiness. 
It’s definitely hard to be misunderstood and not believed, especially when your character makeup is that you aren’t really able to lie. But at the end of the day I will not live anyone else’s limited view of me. Who does it serve for me to be small? Who does it serve for you to be small? It serves no one. We are here to BE authentic and embrace the things that make us stand out, that allow us to serve the Good and make the world a better place!
What would you like people who are on the fence about working with someone, like yourself and what can they expect to experience during one of their sessions.

If someone is on the fence about working with a healer, I would say they have not found the right person or they are just scared. Many people have lost hope … they have tried other things and it hasn’t worked. I would like to point out there is a difference between feelings of “fear” and “the quickening”. I think that Spirit tells us when to move forward with a type of adrenalin rush, goose bumps, an energetic quickening that may seem similar to the feeling of fear.
I would ask that person to go deeper within themselves to ask what they are afraid of … is it a fear of failure or is it actually fear of success. Sometimes we become so entrenched in our “stories” that they become part of our identity. 
Ultimately, we have Free Will. Each person has to decide whether to stay stuck or “reach for the brass ring”. We cannot decide for others.  Working with another requires their permission AND cooperation. This is why working with a healer is a team process. You have to select someone who speaks your language, whose words ring true in your heart, in whom you can believe until you’ve found that space in which to believe in yourself! I would encourage people to assess if the healer is making them beholden to them or empowering them to become masters within and of themselves. 
Do you communicate directly with your guides, and if, so in what form or how does this take shape?
Separation from Source / God / the ocean in which we are each droplets is an illusion of this reality we call “life”. I no longer buy into the separation paradigm or live there. Seeing guides, masters, God outside of ourselves is separating ourselves from ourselves. 
I merge offer Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst with my clients, sharing my point of wellness, joy and stillness with their mind-body-soul. This provides a resonance/connection so that their body can remember that point and work toward it to. 
Sometimes I feel things in my own body that the client may be feeling; sometimes I feel nothing. If there is pain or disease in their body, I affect them by affecting myself. I telepathically “talk to” them, their bodies, inner child selves, their ancestors, their traumas as if we are one because, ultimately, I believe we are. In healing one we heal the whole.
Can you tell me about a time you helped a person.  What was their age and ailment, what did you do for them, and how did the results turn out?
I have many examples of transformation on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. full testimonials you may refer to and quote:
Pain relief and healing acceleration ~ many instances of people working with me right after surgery. Pain immediately goes way down. Wounds/incisions heal more quickly or physical progress ahead of anticipated protocol when entering “rehab” or pt. Sharing of an awareness of negative self-talk that may have prevented best physical health along with personalized mantras and affirmations that facilitate healing or integration of artificial joints.
Depression, anxiety, fear ~ Reconnection with our inner spiritual nature and our connectedness to a power greater than us … realizing that we are more than just this lifetime and limited view we may have unconsciously agreed to live within … letting go of our stories of past-tense pain which are keeping us from thriving here and now. Each situation is unique. Ultimately, though, I can only show someone doorways toward increased happiness, each has to decide to remain in the doorway, turn back toward depression or step forward.
A woman in her 50s, depressed to the point of wishing each morning were her last … not suicidal, but never having planned a vacation. Didn’t want to plan for future as she didn’t want to think she’d still be alive then. She had a 180 degree turnaround in one session.
A woman who was raised with so much fear. She came to me in her 60s, suffering full body tremors. She hadn’t seen the relationship between the fear she was constantly vibrating in her mind-body-spirit and the tremors. Her tremors were greatly reduced after one session. Subsequent sessions helped her get more on track with mindfully choosing joy. Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change. 
There are many people who have come to me who feel physically lighter after their sessions. The lifting of energetic and emotional burdens allows for more light in the physical form.
Physical changes ~ A young woman in her 30s, told at age 12 that she had to deny a sexual assault. Shortly thereafter she developed spinal scoliosis.  She also had arthritis in her hands. She had great improvement in her posture and release of pain in her hands after one distance session. 
A woman with COPD lung capacity at 60% (she was an acquaintance and I noticed she was frequently coughing). I offered to work on her lungs briefly and did some silent energy release and healing. She told me a month later her doctor was amazed that her lung capacity was now registering near 100%. COPD is said to be incurable!
Permanent release of chronic joint pain. In more than one case, client had been advised by a physician/surgeon that the only recourse was surgery. Release of pain and limited range of movement in distance and in-person session work.
Relationship ~ A man who was court ordered to have “anger management” therapy selected me over traditional therapy. He described having rage so big it was in a cage in his heart. He had no way or even hopes of releasing it. In his first session, he had a flashback and healing of an incident in which he was nearly killed by his mother.  He saw the cage opening up and much of the rage left in that first hour! 
I worked with him regularly, eventually doing some one-to-one sessions with his mate and couple’s sessions. They went from breaking point to allies and real partners in a loving relationship.
Tell me a little about your Healing Artwork page and how you incorporate this with your clients?
The Energy-in-form artwork is a synergy or marriage between the graphic artist Self I have expressed for all of my adult life and the healing love-based energy that is at the center of my “BEing.” I started creating these healing pieces in the formative days of my practice. I have used it to help people who are not yet ready for energy work. 
The artwork emits love-based energy into one’s home and office to counter at least some of the negativity that comes through our televisions and other devices. I have a chakra balancing piece which is great for focusing on and centering.
I do not tell people to buy the artwork. Like my session work, I trust that people will come or those who work with me will also order art if it resonates with them. From 2013 through 2017 I participated in local metaphysical and healing fairs and would display the artwork at my booth. I also offered visual healing meditations with the artwork. There are healing codes and activations in these pieces. They are special; I am happy to share this work with others.
What would you like people to know about you and the services you provide.
I offer private one-to-one session work via telephone or Skype from my home in Wells Maine to virtually anywhere in the world. I also see people in my home, if they are within driving distance or want to come and stay in the southern Maine.  I work with children and adults of all ages, singly, as couples or even as families. I have periodic group distance healing sessions which I record. These are available as distance sessions on demand, 24/7. I have clearing and healing sessions for the 7 Major Chakras as well as targeted sessions for shoulders and breast wellness. For these, people can visit the Kore HealingSMsection of my site.
Please have hope! Please have faith! Getting to a better space mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically is always possible. It is okay to ask for help; we are only helpless when we accept where we are living unhappily.
I am a helper for the Light. I have lived through much and have immense compassion and empathy. I know that sometimes when people are the least lovable they need our love the most! I empower others to be their Best Self and recognize that for all of us, this is an ongoing journey.
What would you like people to know in general about healing and why this is an important arena?
It’s time to not only take ownership of our bodies, but to love and revere them. Embrace your life and be our best version of Self. It’s time to recognize that healing is an inside job that does not necessary need pills or scalpels … it may need love, acceptance and seeing things from a different perspective. Also, we can be the master of our emotions rather than ruled by them! 
There is no shame in what we have chosen in the past, there is only this now moment in which to Seize the Day. I lived more than 50 years separated from who I AM. Yet I know that was “my path”.  There is definitely resistance to energy healing by some. I am grateful for the spiritual awakening that is happening in our world. Science is starting to understand the magic that happens at the Quantum level; this is my playground and area of healing mastery! 
I would also suggest that if someone “just stumbling upon” this page and this concept of “energy healing” it is likely EXACTLY what they need. Everything leading up to this one moment brought them here. Trust there are no random events. Everything has a purpose. Everything is part of The Plan. We may not understand everything until we leave physical form … I can wait. In the meantime, there is Faith and Trust and Gratitude for what is and the movement toward Love. Learn to see what you’re being shown, trust what calls to you, follow your heart!
Kristi Borst lives in Wells, Maine and works in-person or remotely.  For more information, please visit:
Or look her up here in the Spirit Anchor directory!

When you sign up for Kristi’s uplifting blog, offers and events e-list, she’ll send you her “4 Simple Steps for Connecting with Your Inner Peace” mp3 and info guide.



live, love, laugh!!

You know those urgings to joke around, to make light of things, to laugh at situations, to go do something fun? That, my dears, are your Joy Guides at work. We sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to do what brings us joy. We forget to laugh, to bring the joy in our daily lives (even in the smallest of ways), to go out and have fun, to do something for you. 



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When you listen to those nudges you become more and more in tune with your Joy Guides. They inspire you to do what you love, set you up to bring love into your life, to laugh, bring delight into your life and shine your light in all that you do. You can also call on them in times of grief, sadness and loneliness. They nudge you as a reminder and are there when you need them.

Those little nudges may look something like feeling excited about going home tonight and settling in with a movie and a big bowl of popcorn, (or a glass of wine) planning a dinner date with friends, working on some crafts OR going out for a night of dancing.

If it brings you JOY, doooo ittttt.

Doing it brings more Joy into your life.

I love to laugh, to joke around, I always am finding the humor in situations, music electrifies me and I love to dance.

Laughter, fun and passion does a body good, it does your soul good. And it's infectious!

Your Joy Guides work through you. Others see how your light is shining and follow suite. There can't be enough joy in the world right?!

At the end of the day, it is truly about bringing and maintaining balance into your life. And we have helpers in Spirit asisting us with this endeavor if you do so chose to accept the help.

Have a blessed day! And don't forget to have some fun! 

With Love,


According to Forbes, only about 8% of those who started to focus on their new year's resolution after the 1st of the year, actually follow through to the point of achieving it.   If you've experienced a lack of follow through with your new year's resolution, consider these tips to finally achieve it this coming year:

1.  Consider hiring a coach.  Working with a coach is probably one of the best investments you can make.  Why?  The important aspects about working with a coach is that they keep you on track.  Secondly, they keep you accountable, while helping you to create actionable steps that gradually help you to work your way towards your intent/goal.  Not to mention, a coach is there when you are plagued by doubt, to help you move through it, while also celebrating your successes.  More often than not, coaches also come from a place of experience, so they’re in a unique position to help you with some of the stumbling blocks along the way.  I personally didn’t recognize the value in this until I did it myself 15 years ago, and began working privately in learning energy medicine.  It changed my life in ways I could not have even imagined, and what I learned and discovered was priceless.  Today, there are coaches available for almost any goal you want to achieve.

2.  Join a group.  Whether your goal is to get slim, or finally write that book you’ve been wanting to write, find a group that will help support you in that endeavor.  Not only do groups often give you some structure in your follow through plan, it also helps you with accountability, while providing you with a great support system to make it happen.  Find one that works for you and your goal.

3.  At the very least, create a buddy system.  Find a family or friend that would like to accomplish the same intent/goal as you, and together, create actionable steps each week and month that you can do together.  Set a goal, but recognize that to get from point A to point B requires steps.  Spell those steps out and create incremental goals along the way.  Before you know it, you’ve reached your goal.

4.  If you’re one of those people who are confident with follow through on your own, then choose your ultimate goal.  Then break that up into incremental goals that works towards your ultimate goal.  For example, if like many, your intent/goal is weight loss, then choose your ideal.  I find, when working with weight management, that women tend to do better when focusing on dress sizes vs. how many lbs., as their goal.  So, if it’s a dress size you’re working towards, let’s say you’d like to get to a size 6 or 8, and are currently a 12 or 14, create those incremental goals of reaching 10 first, then 8, and finally 6.  Then create your plan of action on how you’re going to get from 12 to 10, or 14 to 12.  It’s important that YOU recognize that you ARE accomplishing, even if you haven’t quite made it to your ultimate goal yet.

5.  Accomplishing a goal works better in the long term when you make a lifestyle change vs. short term changes.  Using the weight loss goal as an example, create a lifestyle that supports that goal.  Diets often don’t work for this reason.  People view this as a temporary solution.  Once they’ve reached their goals, they return to their previous patterns.  If the original patterns worked, there would be no weight loss goal to begin with.  That’s why lifestyle changes work better and help you to maintain your goal in the long term. 

6.  Engage your mind.  Don’t just make changes in your activities.  Be willing to engage your mind as well.  Whether we realize it or not, all changes begin with the mind, that then manifests as outward activity.   This can then help you to maintain your focus and get past any doubt that may rear its head.  Suggestions for engaging your mind are:

    a.  Affirmations:  Choose an affirmation that aligns with your goal.  Create about 20 minutes of quiet time ever day, and internally repeat your affirmation until you “feel” it to be true.  Until you     make it a reality.
    b.  Meditation or Guided Imagery:  Find a meditation or guided imagery that helps you towards your goal, and do this daily.  The outside world often doesn’t function in a way that supports     our intent, so doing these exercises daily helps us to re-affirm, and refocus, what we intend.  We are basically replacing one mental pattern with a new one; one that supports our intent.      Eventually, the old mental pattern will be replaced.
    c.  Sit quietly and ask yourself “why” you got where you are.  What feelings are behind your current challenge that you’re seeking to change?  Sometimes, working with someone who is in a     more objective position, can help you to discover what your core motivations are, so you can address them.  Again, using weight loss as an example, the weight gain is not the problem, it is     symptomatic of underlying issues that just happened to manifest as weight gain.  Discovering what those underlying issues are regarding your goal will go a long way in helping you to     address them and not repeat them, more effectively breaking a potential cycle.

7.  Engage your energy.  Learn ways to engage your energetic system.  Whether you realize it or not, the more energy you have, the more motivated you will feel.  Energy levels, along with their frequency, has a lot to do with how we feel and think.  When our energy is low, we tend to feel pessimistic, doubtful, apathetic, lethargic, and more.  This then undermines our intent to take better care of ourselves, or to follow through.   My clients have always been amazed at how transforming their energy completely transforms their motivation level as well.

8.  Finally, and possibly the most important, be patient and kind to you.  Whatever your goal is for the new year, allow your goal to manifest at the pace that is correct for you.  Your goal is not about what others think or do, it’s about you choosing to create change in your life.  Don’t “compare” your progress with that of others.  We all have unique personal histories that are likely motivating our current challenges.  So, be kind and allow that change to unfold at a pace that is correct for you.

Here are some New Years Resolution Statistics if you’re interested:

I sincerely hope you find these tips for your new year’s resolution helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment regarding this article, share your goal for the new year, or additional tips that you found helpful.

Wishing you success in the new year….
Judy Garrido CHt., RMT, MSH, CSC
Innately Resourceful LLC


Insomnia Rescue by Rona Recker (Intuitive Development Center)

“Sleep…why can’t I get any? I either have difficulty going to sleep, or I wake up in the night and I don’t feel rested when I get up in the morning.”
Hello L,
Insomnia plagues many people and is frustrating, exhausting and it wears us down if it goes on long enough. Do you notice that you carry more than your fair share of responsibilities? You take on too much?
Learning to hand things off, whether physically or emotionally, is your challenge.
In general, below are some routines that can help.
Here are 2 factors to consider before we go to bed each night.
1.       What issues have I not dealt with in my life?
2.       What have I picked up and am carrying?
Factor 1: What issues have I not dealt with in my life?
When we feel resolved and we are taking care of our lives in a way that makes us feel complete…we don’t have thoughts flurrying around in our minds at night and we can rest. In our busy lives, we have to prioritize constantly and this leaves many things left untouched at the end of the day. These are the thoughts that wake our minds up at night. We experience that feeling of not feeling on top of things and it causes a lot of stress.
If we have emotions that we don’t deal with, those will rise up at the inopportune time of 4am. We are not having the clearing conversations that we need to feel satisfied about our relationships. (If you need assistance with how to do that, Understanding Emotional Patterns and Defining your Bottom Lines are great courses to help you.)
We need to prioritize intuitively rather than by the needs of others. We never take the time that is truly for ourselves to feel grounded and in a good space to sit and take in the wisdom within us to prioritize appropriately.
◦ Sit down and list the items that are pulling on you or causing you stress. Take a moment to hold the thought that 'things can actually work out'…do what you can to calm your body and mind…and allow the thought to pop in on where this task is on your priority list and put your tasks in order.
◦ Then, take another moment to determine how best to handle the task…do you delegate it…what is yours to do?
◦ List the emotions/relationships that feel in turmoil for you. Remove any expectation of the outcome (this is very challenging)…and let yourself sink into what the best course of action is in which to deal with this person, if anything.
Factor 2: What have I picked up and am carrying?
Imagine going through a dust storm or walking on a street where there is a lot of pollution…you can feel it on your body and you would want to shower to feel the relief of being clean again.
We cannot see electromagnetic energy such as radio waves from cell phones, peoples’ energies of their emotional disturbance, but your body does feel them on a level, even if you aren’t aware of it. It is why so many people need to go home and crack a beer, or relax, or need some time on their own – to feel relief.
◦ Showers/baths, exercise and reflection time can help you feel lighter and refreshed when you notice you feel a little ‘off’.
◦ Also, tuning in to what you actually picked up would be even better…did you interact with an angry person, or walk into a place where the workers are overworked? Are you worried about someone and unconsciously carrying their turmoil? Identifying these things helps you alleviate feeling heavy/dark when that happens.
◦ Make sure you set up a system of friends/collaborators who will be there for you as well.
Good luck to releasing what is NOT yours to carry – you can do it!

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LONELINESS:  This time of the year!

With the essence of Loneliness: being that of disconnection, the illusions of Madison Avenue and the Currier & Ives images add to the pain for many this time of the year.  No matter the cause, whether it is because of losses, past or present, feeling like an outsider or social shyness to name a few of the reasons, loneliness can become overwhelming during the Holidays. The pressure to be cheerful; forcing the illusion that everybody else is “happy” or “paired up” is at least annoying in its shallowness and often irritating. This pressure has about the same gravitas as “have a nice day” that gets cackled everywhere, often by cashiers that haven’t looked up once during checkout.
Sometimes people who are incredibly lonely add to their burden by feeling shame, as if there is something wrong with them. The tendency to think that you are the only one having those feelings blurs reality. Reality: I find is very different than the illusion, or the false beliefs we live by. For instance: When you are lonely, you are more vulnerable to allowing the ‘Currier and Ives’ images of the Season to seep in, as if they were real.  These kinds of images and memories have the power to stop us in our tracks and we forget that they are static, frozen in time, not messy like real life.
 I remember the first Christmas after my divorce, being at the mall and hearing Elvis Presley singing “Blue Christmas.”  Already one of the ‘walking-wounded’ trying to do the expected things to provide something close to a Christmas for my two daughters, I was overwhelmed with excruciating loneliness, which I couldn’t bear it. I left.
It was a time in my life when all earlier losses of life came back over me like an umbrella and nothing lifted my spirit. The only way to release the sadness, grief and loneliness that I was feeling was to get into therapy, which helped tremendously. Don’t think for a minute that I consider loneliness a Mental Health problem. Not everybody needs therapy, but I did, as the loss of my marriage, a current grief was complicated with unresolved earlier losses and loneliness. I recommend psychotherapy if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.   I know personally and professionally, that you will be able to see more clearly what to do in regards to making a course correction after the holidays. If you haven’t tackled loneliness yet, don’t give up.

For several years I lead a group for single people called “Single thru the Holidays” that started the Sunday before Thanksgiving and ended the Sunday after New Years. All of our stories were different and also similar.  Some people in the group had never married or had recently experienced loss of relationship through divorce or death. We had in common the wanting of a safe place to feel what was real, without forced frivolity.  Some wanted to experience the holidays in a non- traditional way, while others just wanted to connect with kindred spirits. Connecting is the key word here. My group was, in essence, a holding space to be ‘all right’ with whatever was causing sadness or loneliness.
Hold space for yourself, no matter what you are feeling with compassion and without judgment.  Becoming mindful as to the reason for your loneliness by connecting to the inner, deeper part of yourself. .Any step forward to connect with others especially kindred spirits, and not necessarily family, will also start your process.
Face the loneliness instead of trying to avoid it with busyness, workaholism, shopping or drinking and similar activities. Avoid getting caught up in being so busy that you don’t allow yourself to feel. I know people who do that very thing and meanwhile they push their pain down, making it harder to release. What we resist persists. It doesn’t go away, just harder to get to for healing purposes.

Frequently when loneliness is connected to a lack of spiritual connection, it follows us throughout the years, although it can be more poignant at Holiday time. When I felt a distance from God or Spirit no human interaction could squelch the pain. It was there in childhood when I prayed intensely to God to get me out of the orphanage. When it didn’t happen, I disconnected in anger and felt worse. The loneliness continued in my marriage when I prayed that our relationship would become warm and loving. More disappointment followed. I have to add however be grateful for the prayers that seem to go unnoticed. If they had been answered as I wanted at the time, the results might have crushed me
In time and finding my way back to God and Holy Ones, in a more personal and less dogmatic way has changed my loneliness quotient in amazing ways. Adding a strong spiritual connection to my life has for me filled a void that I could not fill otherwise and I am rarely lonely and relish my solitude. If there is a void within that nothing else can fill, first look inward and then upward.
Take time to reflect on the patterns that have you stuck and what might be the best strategy for you to face your loneliness, the sooner the better. The only way out of loneliness or any obstacle that keeps us stuck is to risk releasing the fear. When we face and start releasing the fears, that very intention, determination and action creates more courage, to go through, not around the pain, in order to free up.

When I say through, I do not mean by pushing and shoving, or being harsh with yourself. Such action which will build up more resistance to the possibility of change.
Reflect and know that the obstacle of loneliness in your life has meaning. We all have obstacles that have to honored and worked through in order to accept our worthiness to have a full and abundant life. Mine may be different than yours, but have them I do, until I understand the meaning and release the power that they have over me -

Allow your loneliness time
To dissolve the shell of dross
That had closed around you;
Choose in this severe silence
To hear the one true voice
Your rushed life fears,
Cradle yourself like a child
Learning to trust what emerges,
So that gradually
You may come to know
The glimmer of springtime.   (John O’ Donohue) 

Discover how to be free of loneliness with tools, exercises and strategies go to or visit my website for similar self-help articles at

Cultivate our Culture by guest blogger Renee Beese


For Lynn M. Bunch, founder of The Intuitive Development Center (IDC) in Phoenix, Arizona – life is all about using one of our greatest God-given gifts…our intuition!
Lynn and her team of consultants have been providing guest blogs for us at Spirit Anchor over the past year, and when I was thinking about whom I would like to interview and highlight, she was definitely on the top of my list.  From Acupressure to Relationship Consulting, all via a holistic and spiritual approach, Lynn and her colleagues are fast changing the way we look at inner-growth and development; both at their business location and remotely via their on-line educational services.
With their mission of helping you trust and guide yourself with clarity and confidence in all areas of your life, (personally and professionally) using the most valuable tools you already have: your intuition - Lynn’s favorite outcome for her clients is the educational element.  She adds, “Educating people about intuition and experiencing the amazing feeling when a client has a breakthrough and starts getting the results they desire, it is a privilege to have been part of the healing process for them.”
Lynn has been working with clients one-on-one for many years and saw a reoccurring theme with challenges they were facing.  She knew a positive impact could be made serving a larger population and thus, in 1996 she and her sister Lisa opened the Center for Intuitive Development which has since grown exponentially.
Creating a custom in-person and on-line curriculum, supported by certified consultants, who have all been through extensive training and are highly intuitive themselves, each course approaches a key topic in which clients develop the tools to process any situation.  For example, one course is Understanding Emotional Patterns.  This course allows you to respond in your Truth as opposed to reacting out of your Hurt, Anger or Numbness; for both personal and professional relationships.
I asked Lynn what her vision is for the Intuitive Development Center and she responded: “The overall goal is to educate people about their most valuable resource…Intuition; using practical tools in their day-to-day life. We believe educating people about intuition will take the phenomenon out of it and allow them to see the benefits and practicality their Intuition (Inner GPS) affords; living fully and true to themselves, empowering their personal and professional goals with passion and purpose!  The client success is our goal!”
Coursework starts at $99 per month for in-person or on-line classes and includes 9 Online Video Courses, Tool Chart Review Session, Blueprint Integration Sessions, one-on-one support with a Certified Consultant, and one-year unlimited access to the Intuitive Curriculum.
For more information on Lynn M. Bunch, and the Intuitive Development Center, please visit:
- or connect with them on Facebook:



Rising Above the Stories of Our Yesterdays - by Kristi Borst

Much of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire Truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last decade, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this "reality". What I found was an aspect of Self that I had forgotten was there. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond "what meets the eye" in your own life!

Read, ponder, explore the depths of yourself. Although our eyes focus outward, we are primarily here to see and change ourselves. If the words assist, there is a link for gratitude giving. If you want to go deeper in your healing and release more quickly, let's work together. These writings are not short ... but the world is full of insightful one-liners which haven't managed to fully communicate to and shift heart and soul. I remain ever hopeful ... Much love, Kristi
Kristi at approximately age 4 holding balloon. Her grandmother is opening a gift box containing a pocket book. A terrier also peers at gift.
[For some reason, during the Summer of 2017, this blog got over written with another entry. While this still holds a lot of the original content, I'm sure there are deepenings offered here over the original. It's all good!]

Honestly, I have experienced living within feelings of resentment, anger, hurt, abandonment, and betrayal seemingly due to a myriad of external influences. Yet, I have learned/found/embraced and now share a way of  another way of living that has allowed me to BE much happier.

Letting go of the negative has provided me the amazing side benefit of reconnecting with my inner gifts and healing self/others abilities I had forgotten existed. I have seized my power to be happy, despite ANYTHING that may be going on external to me. The more I let go, the more I naturally free-fall into the life of bliss and joy I am choosing. I help others find and live from their this space too through my Perspective Reboot® energy healing and release process!
This blog is an extension messages shared at Unity and "Choosing to Respond To and Live Life with Love" installment of my "Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst" radio program which aired 5/13/14 on (download and listen from this page).

The Err of Our Ways
Sitcoms, parents/grands who lived through the Depression and World Wars, and other cultural "programming" has taught us to “stuff our emotions”, “suck it up”, or deny we are hurting, Because we cannot process these emotions, many of us get caught within our “old stories” of pain, suffering, unlovability, abuse, neglect, loneliness, etc. Some of us are so deeply entrenched within the mire that we no longer see engaging with that story as an option.

We fall into the role of victim; not realizing that within that space we have relinquished our power. Our identification with the story and our powerlessness within it, creates a "chicken and egg" scenerio of misery. Nothing could be further from the Truth ... I assure you that, beneath, around, or above those shitty memories is your Power, Your Divine Spark, Your Wellness, Your Joy, Your Perfection, YOU!

By focusing on painful incidents, “old stories”, self-limiting beliefs (all of which are energetically heavy/dense/toxic to your physical body), we actually deny ourselves the joy we seek. I believe this is our mis-creation, but the great news is changing ourselves and our wellness is within our power through our consciousness and Free Will.

We are here to be creators of love and joy and can get off the pain train at any time ... well, in any conscious now moment. The key to shifting things, is to allow ourselves to explore our traumatic memories from a Higher Perspective. Here, we actually find doorways to our own resilience, power and capacity for love. The other option, of course, is to just let them go, fully! These are both aspects of teaching I offer in private session work and my on-demand healing audios.
In an environment of good/bad, black/white, love/hate ... duality ... there are multiple layers of perception available in ALL of life’s experiences here. When we choose to see only one aspect of any situation (even if that choice is unconscious), we have locked ourselves in there. We have collapsed the wave of unlimited potential for ourselves. When that perspective is that of victim, we have actually chosen something which is separating us from our own happiness.

Message from Little Kristi
The photo above is of me with my maternal grandmother and her dog “Bobby”. Gramma was (and likely still is) a spiritual, business and nature-loving role model for me. She lived an hour away from my childhood home. Yet, beyond family gatherings, I would choose to go and stay with her for days, even venturing on a public bus from Providence to Taunton at a young age. As I grew, I looked forward to going and doing things for her and be the focus of so much love. In my early 30s, she transitioned to Spirit.

It is because of my grandmother that I remained faith-filled throughout my childhood. It is because of her that I know about and love gardening and flowers. It is partially because of her entrepreneurial spirit that I had the courage to become a female entrepreneur at age 27. It is because of her love and support throughout my life that I have felt unconditionally loved and understood many times. 

Despite our closeness, there was a dark cloud between us ... at least on my side of the relationship, lingering in the background for many years. I remember one visit with her in my 20s; I can imagine myself in angst, waiting for the right moment and working up “the nerve” to talk to her about what had been bothering me. I broached the subject of an incident of childhood abuse that remained a vivid memory for me to that day.

My Story of Pain
"Gramma, after all these years, I still vividly remember the time you spanked me with a hairbrush because I wouldn't say 'goodnight' to your guests."

My brother and I were staying with Gramma and Grampa in their home; they were also entertaining friends of theirs, a married couple, for evening dinner and perhaps cribbage. We were helped into our pajamas and brought back downstairs to say "goodnight" to Grampa and guests.

I sat defiantly near the bottom of the stairs and refused to go back into the living room to say “good night”. I remember her sweet coaxings and my stubborn refusal. Then, something shocking happened ... my grandmother went and fetched a hairbrush and spanked my bottom in front of her guests. As you can well imagine, all received a very tear-filled "goodnight".

“Kristi Mortensen Borst!” she exclaimed. “I cannot believe that out of all of the fun and special times we have shared, you've chosen to remember that one.” I think I was expecting an apology, but none was forthcoming. I do not remember my response. I think we sat in silence for some time. I also know that at the time (and for some years to follow) it did not seem like I was CHOOSING ANYTHING! I remembered this painful childhood incident … how could I not?
Well beyond her passing, when I thought of our adult encounter, my silent response to her grew a voice within my head ... "Well, of course I remember it. You hurt me. You embarrassed me. You were unloving to me!"

My Own Perspective Reboot®
As we release self-imposed limitations, we get to decide not only where we live physically, but also emotionally/spiritually/mentally and in relationship with God/Source/All That Is. We do this both consciously and unconsciously. Self Mastery, I believe, is taking more conscious control of decisions and choosing to live in love, wellness & joy.

In 2010 a shift started within me ... a type of awakening or unfoldment that eventually led to my starting Healing Resonance for mind-body-spirit healing facilitation in 2013. With my newer perspective, my view of the situation expanded.

I was such a sweet and loving child with a gentle and pleasing spirit ... my smile could light up a room and I was very free with affection (still am). Yet as I viewed my little self and my own actions within “this story”, a new perspective emerged!

Remember my saying I had clung to the memory that my grandmother hurt me, she embarrassed me, and she was being unloving? As I reflected on the event, I could see that I too was in these energies. I was a creator of the negative emotions I had given her credit for, for so many years. I surely hurt her feelings, embarrassed her and was unloving. Having said this, I would never condone one of us intentionally harming another of us, particularly someone younger and under our care. Gramma should not have hit me with a hairbrush ... she probably should have hugged me.

This awareness gave me an escape route ... a way to release the emotional strong-hold this memory had. In this moment of seeing the situation, not as the victim, but as co-creator, I was able to transmute it back to love within me.

Filing That One Away
Ultimately, that event does not define me; it does not define my grandmother; and it definitely does not define our loving relationship! I have chosen to forgive her, knowing how much she loved and mentored me. I also know that we do the best we can with what we have at the time and that was her in-that-moment response to a teddy bear who was being a turtle ... rather than shift my energies, she came into them.

I also forgave myself, not for being a stubborn child at bedtime. I have forgiven myself for not knowing I didn't have to hold onto memories that made me sad or separated me from love. More than 50 years I held that one ... why?

This memory has been transmuted and no longer stirs my emotions in a negative way. My inner toddler self has been healed and knows she/I am safe and happy and loved … then and always! Ironically, the "bad memory" has become a positive for me.

There's Always A Higher Dimension
Recently, as I prepared for the "Choosing to Respond To and Live Life with Love" radio segment referenced above, this story came to mind as a type of parable. It was during that preparation that another layer of the story occurred to me.

What if this memory has been so strong and the details so vivid, partially so that it could be one of the teaching tools in my healing and transformation practice. Had I forgotten it or buried it too deeply, I may not have had as great a lesson in conscious choosing, forgiveness, and self reflection, both for myself and to share with you!

What Are You Choosing To Re-Experience, Consciously and UNConsciously?
What are your stories? What old memories continue to bring you pain? What if they are there for you/serving you, not as sink holes of pain, but as opportunities to choose another way of seeing which will take you closer to your Higher Self? To that space of choosing joy? To that space of choosing forgiveness and of letting your child-Self know “you’re okay now”?
Where are you putting your focus? Is it on pain or joy? Be the observer and self correct. You see, the past is not real ... it now exists only within your own head. Are you living in a past-tense riptide? Or will you be here now, present, reaching ever toward happiness. It is well within reach when you consciously decide.
Don't think so or having a tough time reaching peace, happiness or wellness? Work with me ... I'll help you find your way!

Love and light,

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The Importance Of Self-Care

Caring for yourself between appointments extends the benefits of your massage and enables each massage session to build on the last. We’ll give you simple instructions to integrate into your day that will make you more aware of your posture, involve you in your treatment, and help you better communicate issues with us. Some steps can be as simple as making sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day, creating a massage treatment plan to maintain your progress, or stretches to alleviate restrictions and increase range of motion. We may ask you to pay attention to posture during certain activities to help assess pain-causing patterns, which can speed up your treatment, and help sustain a pain-free body after treatment. Learn more about why preventative massage is more effective than periodic massage.

Self-care goes beyond receiving massage and bodywork. Exercise, meditation, and healthy eating are all forms of self care, and need continuous attention to keep your mind, body, and spirit strong. Keep working on your healthy habits to feel your best every day!

Here are some ideas to help you get started, or to help you re-commit to your goals:

  • Sign up for a trial period on a workout site, find new trainers on YouTube and Facebook who often give free advice and workouts, or download a running app to step up your exercise game. Challenging your friends can help keep everyone accountable and motivated.
  • Try yoga or coloring to allow your mind to unwind from a long day. There are many yoga flows available on YouTube for the morning, before bed, and to help specific discomforts. Guided meditations focus and quiet the mind, there are many on YouTube and iTunes to choose from. Coloring books can be bought at most superstores or craft stores, plus there are numerous free printable options online.
  • Your diet should give you energy for your day. If you’re regularly lethargic, you may want to look at what you’re eating and make some changes. A good way to track this is to keep a log of what you eat and how you feel each day - you can find many examples and templates online. As you start to recognize patterns, you can add more good stuff, and weed out the bad. If you’re struggling, consider scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist. Nutritionists are specialized in helping you find what makes you feel crummy and what will help you feel your best. They can even set up meal plans to help you stay on track.
  • Talk about massage treatment with your Niasoma therapist. They will create a tailored plan with you, and keep you on track to achieve your bodywork goals.  Your plan will include how often to schedule your sessions, advice on how you can be active in your recovery, and how often you’ll check in on your progress. We’re trained to discover root causes of musculoskeletal issues, correct them, and prevent them from coming back.  Investing in regular bodywork, and regular self-care will help you live and work pain free for as many years as you continue care.

New health routines can seem like quite the undertaking, but it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. Choose one goal at a time, and make that goal specific - How many times a week are you going to meditate or practice yoga? How many hours/days a week are you going to exercise?  Avoid generic statements like “lose weight” “eat healthier”, which make it difficult to know when you’ve arrived at your goal. Set deadlines to check in with yourself, but be flexible if you miss a deadline. Instead of beating yourself up, focus on improvement and promise yourself that you’ll do better next time. Use a calendar to monitor your progress and describe how your new routines make you feel to keep yourself motivated, and soon you’ll be living a life full of great habits!


17200 W Ten Mile Ste 101
Southfield, MI 48075


In a Toxic World, Take Action - by Lynn M. Bunch, founder of the Center for Intuitive Developement in Arizona.

We live in a toxic world. It shows up in many different ways; physically through our visual and audial systems – mentally through the patterns we consciously or unconsciously impose upon ourselves – energetically through outside influences and the pressures to conform. It’s difficult to navigate through it all. To thrive without succumbing to the challenges of humanity, we need to have that quiet space where we can reconnect within.

We invest a lot of time and energy trying to reconnect to ourselves. I know from personal experience that it does not have to be such a struggle, that it is simply a matter of conscious choice. There is no “right” way to getting there – a deep breath, communing with nature, movement, surrendering – whatever it takes to get you grounded in the present.

If you are a member of our Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) community, you already have all the tools you need at your fingertips on your own personal Blueprint. If you’re attached to a certain outcome, find the area on your blueprint where this applies, clear the challenge by using your action step and land solidly in your desired result.

This process is one of many ways to clearly and directly confront and overcome the challenges of daily life. Come explore with me the many others ways we have available here at The Center for Intuitive Development!
Realizing that her life path was to educate people on how to use their intuition - an ability she possessed since childhood to make dramatic life changes, Lynn M. Bunch founded Intuitive Development in 1996. Since then, she has empowered thousands of individuals in their career, finance and relationship goals.  For information on the Center for Intuitive Developement, please visit:


For those of you who don't me, my name is Kristen Schmitt and I am the founder of Spirit Anchor.  I was asked to be interviewed by Katina Love and share my spiritual journey with her and her listeners on her YouTube Channel last week.  I hope you will take a listen and share your own spiritual journey/path by commenting below.


Channeled Message-Darkness cannot exist where there is Light and advice for Lightworkers

Greetings!  We are Anne’s Council of 12, and we are a group of non-physical entities that work with Anne.  We are here today to elaborate on a topic that we recently addressed when Anne was channeling in one of her Channeling classes.  Because of the amazing efforts of the Lightworkers who are present on Earth right now, there is an increasing amount of Light shining.  As your vibrational rate increases (AKA you are “ascending”), each of you is becoming more and more of a “light being,” which means that your personal aura is shining brighter and brighter.

As your individual Light and the collective Light of humanity shines brighter on the Earth plane, you are shedding Light on areas of darkness.  This darkness begins to be exposed to the Light.  Always remember, darkness cannot exist where there is Light.  So as you shine your Light on these areas that have been hidden in the shadows, they begin to emerge into the Light and eventually disappear.  Light replaces the darkness.

However, it is often a messy process as the darkness is brought out of the shadows and into the Light.  The darkness is being exposed for what it really is, and there is often a period of time when the darkness will fight for its very survival.  Therefore, things may seem to get worse before they get better.  But because darkness cannot exist in the presence of Light, as soon as it is touched by the Light, its power begins to dissipate.  With time, it is inevitable that it will be absorbed by the Light and the Light will predominate.

In your personal lives, this darkness can take many forms.  It may be that important issues within your psyche and/or within your interpersonal relationships are coming up to be healed.  Financial situations or medical issues that you have “put on the back burner” may now be demanding your attention.  In your work environments, you may be seeing injustices being brought to Light.  All of these may be very difficult to deal with, and some may even require the intervention of trained professionals (e.g., counselors, doctors) and/or legal institutions in order to find resolution.

On a societal level, this darkness can, at times, be much more apparent because it impacts a far greater number of people.  You have all recently witnessed leaders of certain countries being ousted from power.  You have also seen that social injustices are being exposed, such as inequalities due to gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and much more.  The axiom that you are all One is becoming more and more apparent, so social and political systems that support inequalities of any kind are being exposed to the Light and are fading from existence.

So what is your role as a Lightworker at this important time in humanity’s history?  There is no one answer to this question.  You will each need to find the answer(s) that feels right to you.  For some, you will need to take an active role in fighting injustice or inequalities in order to feel you are fulfilling your life purpose at this time.  For others, your “action” may involve shining your Light from the sidelines and thereby helping to bolster the Light of those who are taking a more active role.

Regardless of the role you play, we want you to hear one thing very, very clearly.  The most important thing you ALL must do, regardless of the action you choose to take, is to keep your Light shining as brightly as possible.  You need to monitor your vibrational rate (i.e., Light) daily . . . sometimes hourly . . . to make sure that the choices you are making regarding what you are doing, thinking, saying, and being exposed to is not dimming your Light.  As humanity moves past the pivotal year of 2012, it needs your Light more than ever.  

How do you maintain your Light in the face of darkness?  Here are our suggestions:

  • Maintain your connection to Spirit. This is THE most important recommendation we can make to you, but recognize that this can be difficult in the face of unsettling events.  How do you do this?  We recommend two things:  (1) maintain a daily spiritual practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material) and (2) spend time with like-minded others (e.g., attending lectures or classes).
  • Maintain your current vibrational rate. When your natural compassionate nature leads to a desire to help, remember that to truly help, you do not need to join the person or group in their emotional state (e.g., fear, anger, despair, sadness).  Instead, the best way that Lightworkers can help anyone who is in pain (whether an individual or a group) is through maintaining your current vibrational space.  By maintaining your higher vibrational state, you help shed more Light on the darkness so it cannot exist, and you also serve as an “anchor” or “beacon” for those in turmoil.
  • Raise your current vibrational rate.  Regular participation in any of the activities listed above will do this (e.g., prayer, meditation, reading uplifting material).  Taking metaphysical and healing arts classes (e.g., psychic developmentmediumshipReikiKaruna Reiki®) will also incrementally increase your vibrational rate.
  • Remain as detached as possible. Do your best to observe what is happening rather than becoming entangled in it.  And if you do become entangled, then get back to your centered space as quickly as possible.
  • Provide compassionate support. A few ways you can help include: saying kind words, taking compassionate action, smiling with a sincere heart, volunteering, making donations, and sending energy, prayers, and healing energy (e.g., Reiki).
  • Look for the lesson. Remember that with every event that occurs to an individual or to a group, there is a spiritual reason for it.  The greatest lessons often come from the most challenging events that you encounter during your lifetime on Earth.  You may not understand what the lessons are as the events are occurring, but the lessons will become apparent in retrospect.
  • Work with the Law of Attraction. If you focus on what you want to see happen, then the chances increase that you draw into your life what you are envisioning (e.g., resolution of a specific problem, a peaceful world).  One very simple tool that will quickly shift your point of focus comes from the Earth-authors Abraham-Hicks: Identify what you are concerned about and then ask yourself, “What do I want?”
  • Limit your contact with the media. Although you should stay informed, the media’s sensationalism can be both addictive and deceptive.  In order to stay in a positive place and in order to effectively work withthe Law of Attraction, stay informed but do your best to limit your exposure to written and broadcast media.

There is much darkness to expose to the Light, so these turbulent times are not yet over for humanity.  But by working with each other, you can do much to make sure that the Light continues to shine brighter and brighter both on the Earth plane and throughout the Universe.

Thank you for all you are doing for humanity at this critical time in its evolution.

For more information on Dr. Anne Reith and IWWC, visit: or click HERE


The Spirit Anchor FORUM
I’m excited to talk about the Spirit Anchor Forum in this week’s blog, and hopefully get everyone excited about its premise.
When I created the website, I wanted a place for people to feel safe asking questions about Metaphysics and other related topics.  I picked subject matter I felt was compelling, popular or intriguing.  I get a lot of questions thrown my way about everything from Angels to “what are Shaman,” and just about everything in-between! Asking questions and getting feedback from subject matter experts, i.e., Spirit Anchor members and the like, is a great way to not only get the conversation going about these sometimes taboo topics, but also a way to grow our mental landscape of who we want to be as healers and professionals in the metaphysical world.
The Forum is also a place for our members to meet new people, find possible new clients, and mostly…just a great way to evolve in our spiritual practice.
So, whether you’re a professional practitioner, or someone here for the first time – get on the FORUM (please read the rules first) and ask away, type away, or simply just let us know if there are any topics you would like to see posted.
To visit the Spirit Anchor forum, click HERE


When passion meets dynamic – Katina Love, a personal coach with a mission!
Every once and a while, you come across a name or hear of someone special you feel you need to know.  When I heard about a woman named Katina Love – I knew she was someone I needed to learn more about. 
Katina Love is a renaissance woman.  A coach, a mentor, a radio show host, and someone who has helped woman (in particular) step into their power and purpose, and follow their passion in life! 
Katina started her career in Los Angeles as an administrator who transitioned into PR work, circa 2004.  Her first coaching sessions revolved around teaching people how to make healthier food choices, ala better nutrition.  A few years later, Katina moved back to Michigan and continued her work as a coach, and was then convinced by her very own business mentor to host an on-line radio show which became “Awakening with Katina Love.”
In the beginning, she had a variety of health coaches and healers on her radio show who would frequently talk about their talents, as well as their own spiritual path.  However, during this time Katina realized many of these people struggled with the confidence surrounding their talents and gifts, which lead Katina to become officially certified in mentoring/coaching - in which her desire was and still is, to help people move past limiting beliefs about themselves.  For example, Katina previously worked with an Energy Healer who is tuned into her abilities as a Reiki Practitioner, but she needed to move past what her family thinks of her and her healing gifts. 
“I am most passionate about having a deep connection with other like-minded woman and talking with them about what they are most passionate about, and how they can put a plan into action!” says Katina.  Woman come to Miss Love who pretty much already know what their purpose is, but just aren’t quite sure how to move forward pursuing their purpose and mission, marketing themselves and most importantly having the courage to fully do what they love with ease.  From hand-holding a client for positive public speaking confidence, finding one’s life-mission, to social media mentoring, Katina Love knows how to take charge and imbue success to and for her clients.
I always ask people what they would like others to know about what they do and in this case, I asked Katina what she would like people to know about her coaching style and what someone can expect from working/hiring a coach…here is what she had to say: “Every great leader who has ever lived, has had a coach and or mastermind group of people who has helped them tap into their greatness! In order to reach your fullest potential and reach your goals, it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people who will take you higher! Also, you have to be willing to invest your time, energy and money into personal development. It’s also necessary that you tune-out the naysayers. People who are not on your path, will not see your vision.  Only share your dreams with people who you know for sure believe in you! I consider myself to be a well-qualified coach who has the ability to help women see and become the best version of themselves and to help them turn their passions into their purpose and profits! You will be working with someone who knows what it takes to become successful with turning your passions into a stable profitable business. However you must willing to put in the time, work, money, and dedication required to do so. By working with me you will be working with someone who genuinely cares about you and your purpose, has your best interest at hand, want to see you succeed and will hold your hand every step of the way; to get you going in the right direction!”
Katina Love a Self-Love Purpose and Success Coach, certified through the Empower Center of Flushing  as a mentor,  and broadcasts her on-line talk show on YouTube called Awakening with Katina Love.  Her future plans include working with well-known Conscious Institutions, travelling for speaking engagements, and an academy for coaches, healers and new thought leaders to learn the necessary skills to fully live out one’s purpose!   
To learn more about Katina Love, please visit:

I usually don’t cross-pollenate my blogs.  I also run a website:  I wanted to share this blog with everyone however, as many of us in the Metaphysical/MetaSpiritual world care deeply about animals.


Animals have you? by Kristen Schmitt

I watched "The ZooKeeper's Wife" yesterday, a film staring Jessica Chastain.  In the first 15 minutes of the film, I almost turned it off due to the graphic nature depicting the German Army killing zoo animals during WWII. Obviously I know this is just a movie, but this is based on a true story which took place in Warsaw, Poland.  
Since the time I could speak and walk, I have had a profound love of animals...all animals.  I brought home more stray "this and that's," tried to save fallen baby birds and still to this day I transport house spiders to outside areas.  Have I been perfect in my 48 years as a human, of course not but I still try to be a compassionate person when it comes to my fellow man, and my fellow creatures.
I have seen heart breaking footage of everything from slaughter houses to animal torture and sometimes, I don't know how I've managed to move on from these disturbing images - I still recall a video I saw from at least 30 years ago that makes me wonder how humans can be so cruel.  Every decade for me has it's own image stuck in my head of people doing unbelievable "things" to each other and animals.  As a spiritual person, I have to remind myself that this is part of the greater plan, or at best, I'm making a difference and hopefully at least one animal (here and there) has been saved or rescued on my behalf.
Human suffering, animal suffering - it's all suffering.  How can we teach people to be nicer to themselves, other people, and of course animals? Big debate right?  Let's first start being nicer to ourselves and those in our immediate circle.  Then, let's start showing acts of kindness to random strangers.  If we can do once nice thing for someone else, or an animal in need, we can start changing the energy of the universe.  
Sounds a little strange to you; well consider this...have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Simply put, we get what we put out.  And, when we put out negative energy on a global level, both people and animals suffer.  
So friends - let's treat people and animals, as well as ourselves a little better so we can all flourish and feel better on a local and global level.  
Now, the ending of The ZooKeeper's Wife turned out OK - and I recommend watching as it really was a good movie, albeit heart-wrenching, as any war movie is...I am not a fan of spoiler alerts so you will have to see for yourself!  The movie is now On Demand or on BlueRay.


Negative Thoughts Weighing You Down?

Have you ever had a negative thought in your head and it affected your mood? What happens when you can’t shake it off and move through it? What do you do when that negative thought keeps coming back?
Eventually, this thought WILL affect your body. Your brain chemistry is pretty powerful – depending on the individual, you might get a headache, a stomach ache, your back might start hurting, or you could become exhausted or want to give up. If you keep thinking it without shifting it…you never get resolution.
So, how in the world can you shift out of that negative thought?
Below are some steps to help you:
  1. Clear the obvious physical issues in your life
    1. When you spend your day in a noisy environment, are around people in a bad mood, feel you haven’t slept enough or given your body appropriate nutrition. Clearing the physical aspect is a good first step.
    2. Get a massage or Reiki treatment, take a bath, exercise, do deep breathing or yoga; otherwise, it can feel too heavy for you to even address. If it has been a while since you have taken care of yourself in this way…go to a professional. Get the support and collaboration needed so you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  2. Clear your resistance
    1. We hold onto anger, we spin in financial stress, we gossip and are not our best selves, we wish someone would change for their own good or for ours, life isn’t fair… and we can’t stop commiserating about it… You won’t want to hear this, but you have missed some key intuition by this point.
    2. You need to clean up your part. Be accountable for your end. Even if your end is having a bad attitude about it.
    3. The intuition that you missed…it’s going to be something you don’t want to do. Are you willing to do it so that you don’t have to carry that negative thought? If you are not willing, you will continue to spin; if you are willing, read on.
  3. Trust Guidance/God/Source/Intuition/Gut
    1. In this human world we inhabit, bringing in our higher consciousness brings healing and resolution. Pay attention to the little nudges and follow through and you will discover the peace you desire.
If you would like more assistance with these concepts, you can find them in the online course of Releasing Old Beliefs where you learn tools on how to do the actions above so you can feel clear, peaceful and resolved.
~ Rona Recker, Wellness Practitioner

As an Intuitive Body Scanner and Energy Healer, Rona Recker can help you release physical and emotional stress and help you clear blocks that will help you move forward in your life. Rona utilizes physical and energetic modalities including applied kinesiology, quantum touch, acupressure and vibrational healing. Because a session feels better than a wonderful massage, find out what everyone is talking about and experience the amazing results of body balancing!
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Astrology is defined as the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having influence on human affairs and the natural world.
For New Mexico resident Susyn Blair-Hunt, Astrology is more than just horoscopes and stars…it is a way of life.  Susyn, a Doctor of Metaphysics, (MsD) is an internationally known metaphysical professional with more than 25+ years experience in Astrology and psychic readings.  A published author of the book, Tarot – Predictions and Divination (Llewellyn Publications) and voted one of the top Astrologers on the internet by, as well as appearances on several radio shows, Susyn Blair-Hunt is the real deal!
Susyn’s fascination with metaphysics started when she attended a Fortune Telling booth at a carnival when she was just six years old, and later when she was visited by deceased Psychic/Medium Susan Winchester who practiced in the early 1900’s, at Winchester’s homestead in San Jose, California at age 12.  From there, Susyn knew she had special talents which included giving advice and guiding her high school aged friends for fun and as a hobby - to which she continued up until she met another professional psychic in 1996 who encouraged her to turn her “gifts” into a career. “from that point my abilities in Tarot, Channeling, and Dream Interpretation, as well as Past Life Readings, came to life,” says Blair-Hunt.
I met Susyn via e-mail in 2016 when we first launched the Spirit Anchor website.  I asked her if she would be willing to contribute a monthly forecast for our readers and members, to which she gracefully agreed.  Each month, we are given insight to what the week holds for us and I have to say, her predictions are not only accurate but uncannily so – thus, I wanted to introduce you to Susyn via our Member Spotlight/Blog. I feel she truly possesses amazing talent and I feel so lucky that she is a part of our wonderful “meta” community at
I asked Susyn questions about forecasting and messages from beyond and here is what she had to say: “Boundaries are very important and I focus on making my readings positive and informative, so I do not always relay any messages that I feel might impede my clients from moving forward with faith and confidence. If they ask me something point blank I will reveal what I see, but in general I feel that creating an uplifting session is the most important thing I can do for my clients. Sometimes spirits from the other side want to come in at all hours, disturb my sleep or interfere with my sessions, but I have set clear boundaries and allow them to enter only during certain times and with positive messages.”
In regards to professionals in Metaphysics and those seeking services, Susyn states: “Many people are curious, not to mention fascinated by, psychics, astrology, channeling and past lives. My goal is to take the mystery and "scary" out of metaphysical practices and outline how they actually work. My greatest passion is helping people learn to tune-in to the limitless source of power they possess, providing practical methods and tools for living a more spiritual, intuitive and successful life. I like to remind people that when I do a reading, the information is actually coming from them! I believe we all carry the answers within, but sometimes fear, self-doubt or other negative emotions can keep us from getting to the answers we need.”
Future plans for Susyn include a new book entitled Reading Between the Signs, which addresses the unique traits of people before the end of the month but at the start of a new astrological sign (for example, an Aries born in March or a Gemini born in May), and a book called "The Energy Factor" which teaches people how to shift their energy to experience better results in life, (for example, people who experience failed relationships over and over again can simply shift their energy and change their focus to attract in the connections that will last a lifetime, someone who has trouble with money or health issues can realign their energy to alleviate these problems.) We can’t wait to read both!!
For more information on Susyn Blair-Hunt, be sure to visit the monthly forecasts at and check out Susyn’s websites: and for information, enlightenment and transformation! 


What Are You Resisting?

It is in those moments that we resist "what is", that we feel pain. Sometimes these very things we resist are present is our life as our best teachers. Take a moment today and look for and at the things you are resisting. Perhaps it's the way another perceives you? Perhaps it's that something is not going "quite to plan" in your life? What's that thing that's "keeping you from being happy"? Perhaps in truth, it's you that's keeping yourself from being happy. Choose where you live, my friend!

A deepening of this message has been served up in my own life over the course of this Spring:

Many times it's the actions of others that sends us off our center of peace. But when we realize that on many levels this lack of peace is our choice and not theirs, we can move to a space of empowered living ... I call it "Self Mastery". Will others be your Captors? Or will they be your Teachers? It is only when we are in observation of our own state of peace, that we can see our choices more clearly! Only we can see if we're being dragged, tooth and nail, or blown over like a feather ..

To illustrate, I have a friend whom I'll call Sally. Sally feels very off-balance when she's around her sister-in-law Amanda. Sally feels that Amanda is in such a victim mode and always sees the dark side of every situation. When Sally is around Amanda, she feels unsure of herself because Amanda is "just waiting for her to mess up". Sally has been totally stressing out all week in anticipation of being with Amanda in the coming days for Father's Day.
In essence, she has placed herself in that victim mode that she dislikes so much in Amanda. How? By allowing her happiness to be based upon what Amanda does or does not do or see. When we come from a space of knowing who we are, we can more easily deal with others not fully seeing us. We cannot all have the same perspective of things because we literally cannot stand in the same spot on Earth at the same time and we have different life experiences, capacities, etc. ("Will We Ever See Eye to Eye" goes more deeply into this.)

Sally went on to say, "Amanda's the only person that I've been forced to have in my life that thinks the worst of me and is waiting for any dirt she can dig up on me. It's sad, and hard for me to deal with. Typically I just say 'see ya later' to people like her but I can't because of the family situation."

Does that resonate? Sally said "sadly", but I say "perhaps by design for our Self Mastery" it's those within our closest circles that may not actually SEE us. So be it. Maybe we're not totally seeing them either!

What if this lesson of knowing who we are, OWNing who we are, is part of your life path? Throughout her life, the Universe has served her up teachers (some may call them "button pushers") who have "made her" feel less than. Rather than seeing her own power to know who she is, she's dropped them and moved on to people who "make her feel good about herself". But, my friend, that is an inside job.

"Sally, The Universe has served you with the best in-your-face teacher so that you can find your power. You cannot easily run away from this one. See her with compassion; she is pushing her pain outward. Use this opportunity to CHOOSE where you live. Also realize that when you think that Amanda is just living her life focused on making you miserable, you are viewing this from your ego and not Higher Self. Everyone else is pretty much focused on themselves, so release this view as soon as possible." (Remember, when others judge us, it's their lessons poking them; when we judge others, we need to look at that, because it's our "stuff" talking to us.)

So, what is it that you are resisting? How is that resistance Your Key to finding your way back to increased Self Mastery and knowing you are valuable, special, even sacred? Intending to change is powerful; having the energetic healing and release to support that change ~ phenomenal! Let's schedule a session ...

Love and Light,

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What does it mean to be a Medium? Well for SoCal Psychic-Medium and Intuitive Life Coach Susan Grau, it means a multitude of things.  I had the pleasure of meeting Susan back in 2015 while attending IWWC, a course-based learning center run by renowned Metaphysical Professional Dr. Anne Reith.  Susan also did a reading for my mother that I sat in on, and we were both in awe with her accuracy, compassion and dedication to her art…the art of Mediumship.
Although Susan recalls having her “special gifts” from birth, she was just four years old when she was locked in a freezer and had a Near Death Experience; (NDE) which for many, is the catalyst for unlocking psychic and metaphysical skills.  It wasn’t until she was about eight years old that she began to realize she was different from other people, being able to hear and speak with those who had passed - mainly the deceased who knew she could see and communicate with them, and for her to give messages to loved ones left behind.
Susan knew early on that she had some very special abilities, and like many of us, she tried to avoid her potential during her teen years. However, and she says, “It was my divine purpose, and I simply couldn’t avoid it any longer!”  I asked Susan if she ever received “scary” messages from beyond as many people have asked me this same question.  Susan answered that all answers from Spirit come from a good place and that her clients always have the opportunity to set boundaries.  She adds, “I am there to make the most of my clients experience and give them my honesty and truth as well as Spirits truth.”
I asked Susan what is the one thing or things you wish people would recognize (and/or accept) about people who work in metaphysics, she answered: “I’d like everyone to know that this is real, and although there are some who want to believe that this is evil, phony, or calculated, they couldn't be more wrong. I want to show people that I come from a place of love, and my only desire is to help others heal.  Many are so fearful, unaccepting, and cynical when it comes to having the ability to feel or see the afterlife. That type of thinking is very foreign to me. I think fear makes them pushback and resistant to the process.”
A Southern California native, Susan started her career as a certified Intervention Specialist who transitioned into working full-time professionally as a Medium, Life Path Intuitive Coach, Reiki Healer, and Author/Lecturer, as well as a Hospice Volunteer. She wants people to know that we are not alone, and that we all have special gifts! She shared that visiting her as a Medium, for one to come in with an open mind and have faith in the process, have faith that spirit brought you to her for a reason and that she is here to help you find that reason…guide you on the right path…and to make the most of your journey!
Susan is listed in the Spirit Anchor ( directory and is of a select few chosen to be part of James Van Prague’s professional directory for psychics and mediums.  Susan just returned from being part of a hugely successful Hawaiian retreat and has a Pod Cast in the works.
To learn more about Susan and/or to book a session, please find her via the Spirit Anchor directory or visit her website:


Remote Healing is Excellent for Children

Children are our most cherished and delicate beings.  Their health is our primary concern from the moment they are born.  The decisions we have to make for them daily to nourish, balance and protect their body, mind and spirit are seemingly endless.  It's up to us to replenish their physical bodies daily with pure and whole foods; to fill their minds with positive and empowering thoughts and to bolster and develop their spirit to embrace and open itself up to a life fueled on their inner abundance and compassion.

When our children get sick or are feeling down emotionally, we can look at this the same way we do for ourselves:  what is the underlying energetic foundation of the issue? 

By treating the energy behind the problem, we activate the body's innate healing ability to fortify the entire healing journey.

Remote Healing Sessions should be the first line of defense when your child is ill.  Without leaving home, we begin the process of removing the congestion in their energy body that is blocking their ability to heal.  My own children (and the neighborhood children!) are very familiar with Acute Healings.  These sessions consist of very specific and thorough Pranic Healing Protocols designed to give immediate relief while at the same time correcting the underlying energy blockages that are causing the symptoms.  For instance, if your child has the flu,  the protocol is done remotely in 12 steps that address specific chakras and organs like the lungs and throat to not only get relief, but to activate healing.  
Acute Healings provide a huge amount of relief for your kids.  The way my daughter describes the relief she gets an acute session is, "Mom, I like when you pull the 'string' of hurt out of me".  There are protocols for all ailments - my kids friends call me for burns, sunburns, muscle sprains from sports and when they have colds and infections.  

 I've recently been getting more clients with children who have a chronic issue that either requires constant medication with no end in sight or the kids have other types of issues that "come and go" regularly.  
Most of the time this is clearly an emotional imbalance in their energy body that is unresolved and/or issues they've been born with.  For instance, asthma often presents after an event in a child's life that is unhealed.  ADD/ADHD is often a result of the imbalance and congestion of energy in multiple chakras.  Just like the fiber of a textile wears thin with repeated manipulation in the same area, the chakras become weakened when a child is challenged emotionally or has a hurt that remains unhealed.  This leads to chronic disease.  The protocols I use for resolution of Chronic Illness are meant to be performed multiple times over a month to remove old, dirty prana that has built up over months or years, balance the flow of energy between the chakras, replenish the chakras with fresh prana to maintain the regrowth and healing process and mend the damage.  I've found that a month of healings twice weekly for kids with Chronic Illness has great success.  
 It is so easy for children to get hurt without realizing it.  When we go into session in a healing chamber, my team will sometimes share with me the trauma or emotion behind the issue being experienced.    Parents are sometimes surprised at seemingly normal events that are unresolved emotional issues for their children.  Some of the "normal" things that happen to kids but are frequently the culprits behind sickness are:

Energy Medicine is a very gentle yet amazingly powerful method to give your children the energy to cope with their anxiety, an ability to express themselves, and the means to heal themselves. 

When your child is ill or starting to feel poorly, Acute Sessions are done within 24 hours and they are a double dose (2 done within 24 hours) so your babe can feel better fast.

If your child is experiencing issues of a more chronic or emotional nature, I will customize a Month Long Transformative series for you.

In light and gratitude,
Dani Tworek


Fall of 2011, I was doing a lot of self-awareness and self-improvement work.  My meditation life was robust and regular. Sometimes it involved writing the insights and assignments that were a result of the meditative conversations that took place.

It was a time of deep introspection, mid-life evaluation, deep healing and forgiveness of self and others (see the earlier post about Transformational Forgiveness).

There had been a marriage of nearly 30-years that I ended, and a couple of subsequent relationships that helped to move me closer to being ready for my current life and marriage to Beth.

On a fall day in 2011, my focus was making sure that any loose ends from my life to date and from past relationships were cleaned up to the point where I would not be dragging old baggage and brokenness as I moved forward.

So I asked to be shown a way to effectively draw a line and leave the past in the past, to feel love and gratitude for each person who had played a guest appearance or long running character in my life.

I was shown that it was incredibly easy.  The instructions were to draw a line to demark the present moment, then to feel myself stepping beyond that line with no need  or desire to look back.

Then with each player in the scenes that came before to individually sit down and have a soul-to-soul conversation.

In this conversation the goal was to kindly and gently, express my gratitude for the part they played in my life, but also to say anything and everything that I needed them to know to complete the conversation with each person.

The conversations allowed me to come back across the line into the present, without dragging old things into the present.

I remember the shift I felt as that old baggage was left behind the line.  The lightness, the joyfulness, the peace.

My understanding and belief is that even though these conversations take place on a soul-to-soul level, and that no audible words are spoken, the conversation partner receives the messages that I deliver.  Like any conversation, it can certainly be interactive, so it’s good to go carefully and pay attention to any feedback that is given.

It is important to remember that it really does not matter what they do or don’t do upon the completion of YOUR work.  This is an exercise that is 100% about you.  So be joyful in your accomplishment!  Allow yourself to FEEL, really feel what you felt, the peace you feel and celebrate the honest way that you shared.

Fall of 2016- 5-years seems like a good time for me to take a little time, and revisit this exercise that was so very helpful to me in 2011.

Like so many things I’ve seen and done in my personal and business life, this is one of those tools that worked so very well that I quit using it.

I’m grateful to the process of writing this blog, that things that I’ve known, worked with, had success with are resurfacing in a new time and space to allow me to take a look, to self assess if it would be helpful to put them back to work.

This one, without even going through an formal process of evaluation is going to come off the bench and go back into active duty in my life.

I hope that it plays a role in some of the lives of people who are reading.


Eric Webster, Lifestyle Engineer

This area allows me to begin a process that is at the same time long overdue and perfect. I have felt that there are stories of my life that could be helpful to others, and I’ve been urged by seen and unseen forces to begin writing for several years. My thought is an ongoing series of short pieces on specific topics or events with the intention and hope that at some point in the future, I can connect the dots, reshape the writings into a book. I’ve been told that once I sit down and begin writing, the words will fly out of my fingers at a rate that will be shocking to me. Here’s to that becoming my reality. I welcome your comments and insights! If you like what you've read, you have my permission to share my posts on your own social media accounts or to e-mail it to friends who might like to read what I've written.

Eric Webster
Lifestyle Engineer  

Ahhh, Spring is in the air, and what a beautiful time it is! The weather has been amazing which puts me in much better spirits. I’m sitting in my living room which is now decorated for Easter with the sun shining brightly through my windows and the front door open letting in the cool, comfortable breeze. I’ve just returned from the gym, showered, said my prayers, pulled some Angel cards, and now I’m ready to write whatever comes to mind. I never know for sure what I’m going to share each month, but something usually pops up at the last moment that seems worthy of passing along. So, this month, I’ve decided to share about a spontaneous trip I took with my kids to kick off their fun Spring break.

In our last Mastering Intuitive Living class (MIL), we were given homework. No, not the dreadful kind; but the fun kind that’s exciting to do. We went over one of the main concepts taught in ID’s course, Setting a New Standard of Living. In this class, we learn about what it means to be an internal or an external person. Internals, like me, are naturally “responsible” and feel “burdened” when we are overwhelmed. We need to consider our wants and needs before our partner’s so that we don’t become self-sacrificing. Externals, like my husband, are naturally “carefree” individuals and become “self-absorbed” when they are overwhelmed. They, on the other hand, need to remember to consider their partner’s needs when making decisions. We typically partner up with the opposite of what we are to bring about balance between the two. The goal in this life is to fully integrate both sides of ourselves in order to find balanced sensuality as a “responsible” and “carefree” person. We are to have external desires in our humanity but also be disciplined in our internal connection to Spirit. This is the way we can manifest our desired results in every area of our lives. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to experience life?!

So, our homework was as follows: Internals were to practice being “carefree” and make decisions based on what we desired instead of putting our partner’s wants and needs above our own. Externals were to be “responsible” and consider their partner’s desires as well as their own. This may sound simple, but when you naturally tend to be one way or the other, it can be challenging to consciously shift your way of being. Therefore, my goal for the last couple of weeks has been to be as carefree as possible. As fate would have it, the perfect opportunity presented itself literally the night before we received this assignment. I had been wondering how I was going to spend Spring break with the kids and hoping to think of some fun activities for us to do. Then, I found out that my brother and his family had made a last minute decision to drive to California and go to Disneyland. This sounded like a perfect opportunity for me and the kids to piggyback them on their trip. I knew my husband was extremely busy with work and wouldn’t be able to come with us and I generally feel safer if I’m caravanning with others when taking the kids on long road trips by myself. So, to be able to follow them there was ideal for me. Much to our delight, they were happy to have us join them.
After a quick night of making reservations, buying tickets and packing bags, off we went to the “Happiest place on Earth”! It was such an exhilarating feeling to hit the road with the kids and share such a special experience with them. I certainly felt free and enjoyed the beautiful opportunity that unfolded before us. However, we did hit a few bumps in the road.
First, upon arriving at the hotel, we were told that they didn’t have our reservations in their system. Fortunately, I had the paperwork handy to confirm them. So, not only did we get a nice room, but we also were given extra wristbands for their water playground and pool as well as an extra parking pass so that my brother and his family could come and enjoy time with us at our hotel.

Then, the next day at Disneyland, our ticket vouchers weren’t showing up as valid in their system either. This created about a 45 minute wait while they made some calls. But to compensate us for this delay, they gave us several fast passes for some of the main attractions that saved us at least 3 hours of wait time at the parks. Once we got home, I called the website where we made all of these arrangements to let them know what had occurred. They kindly gave us a $200.00 coupon that we can use for our next trip. Therefore, I was satisfied in the end with how we benefitted from these minor setbacks.

Now, to be honest, I was traveling with 3 children, ages 14, 11 and 7, so we certainly encountered other little discrepancies along the way as well. However, each time we were faced with a dilemma on the trip, I prayed for assistance, remained calm and kept a carefree attitude. All in all, this made for a fulfilling adventure which included lots of exciting rides, great food, swimming and water play and fun time with family! This spur-of-the-moment vacation reminded me of what is possible when I stay connected to my internal guidance and pursue my external desires with confidence and determination. I truly pray that we may all experience the joyful life that can be attained by living a fully integrated life!
~ Annette Pingitore, Intuitive Mom & Wife

Annette is an intuitive mom to 4 children and business partner to her husband. She has been developing her intuitive skills for the last several years. Her unique perspective reveals the light in the darkest of situations. Her articles share that perspective and help others to see the light in their lives. Annette writes to show others the way to their own version of enlightenment.
To connect with Intuitive Development and your inner-self visit our website:

The key to successful relationships with dogs is to be our authentic self and establish our role as their pack leader. Dogs are instinctual and respond to a person’s energy, state of mind, emotions, and demeanor. Cesar Millan uses the 5 Natural Dog Laws to explain how and why dogs behave as they do.

Not surprisingly, people behave in much the same way…on an intuitive/instinctual level. We have the ability to communicate verbally, unlike dogs, though we will often choose not to. These principles could be a great way to improve human relationships.

1. Instinct – Dogs live in the moment and respond to their environment in the here-and-now. When approaching your dog aggressively and quickly, he may cower and pull away. We need not say a word and our dog will react to our mood. When we are calm, they are calm. When we are not, they are unsettled and uneasy.
With our human relationships – Humans are very perceptive when something ‘feels off’. There could be something about a coworker that creates unrest or unease in the office. Or an individual who may have a calming presence and puts others at ease. So, how do you get in that calm space?
Action – Get in alignment. You have a built-in system to access intuitive messages that allow you to respond to your environment in the present moment. Take a moment and consciously choose to be aligned with your intuition. Then, take guided action.
2. Energy – Dogs may respond to a word, but they are picking up on intention, or energy, more than the word itself. This is evidenced by dogs who learn to follow unspoken commands. The intention is clear. Words are not needed. How does that relate to us?
With our human relationships – This would be experienced through indecision. We will sit in indecision, refusing to choose effectively and stop any forward movement we could have. Friends and family may become frustrated and irritable because of our mood and begin associating us with the indecision and struggle we are feeling. Words are no longer necessary. They will easily perceive our mood when we call or are around them. How do you clear your mood?
Action – Become willing. Stay committed to your decision to feel aligned and follow through on the intuitive messages you receive. This will keep your intention, energy and mood clear to your dog and animal relationships.
3. Animal, Species, Breed, then Name – This is the order in how dogs see themselves – as animals first. Cesar explains this to mean they live for survival, in the moment, and they communicate with energy. As humans, we see ourselves in the exact opposite order. We lead with our name, then our ‘breed’ which is akin to our nationality or race, then our species of Homo Sapiens and then finally, if we remember, we are also animals.
For our human relationships – Spirit, Mind, Body. The order matters here too. 'Spirit first' is taught in Embracing Your Truth. Doing this creates a life free of pain, struggle and fear. This opens up possibilities that our minds alone are not able to conceive. How do you get in Spirit?
Action – Get organized. Make the conscious decision to put Spirit first and open yourself up to intuitive messages that will guide your life easily and happily.
4. Senses = Reality – Dogs experience their environment through smell, sight, and sound. Again, in that order. They rely on their sense of smell first. Most humans will rely on sight first, then touch, sound and the last sense of importance is smell.
For our human relationships – Understanding our 'circuit' is knowing how we receive our intuitive messages. We either Hear, Know, Feel, or See our intuitive messages first. An example is you look at someone and ‘see’ that something is off, or you ‘hear’ the tone of their voice and you have a lot of information about them in that moment. See more detailed examples in a previous blog. How do you utilize YOUR circuit?
Action – Take the course Embracing Your Truth. Get your circuit and start practicing receiving messages in the most optimal way for you.
5. Dogs are social pack animals – Dogs want to be around others. When we take on caring for a dog, they want to be a part of our pack too. There is a hierarchy and structure. Each member of the pack has a role.The middle positions in the pack are mediators that maintain the stability as a whole. They settle down dogs that display unstable energy, keeping the pack stable throughout. What is the social stability for humans?
For our human relationships – These are our partners and collaborators. They are our pack. These are the people we turn to for advice, support and accountability to ensure we are on track with our desires. Each person has a role and responsibility that contributes to our success. Having unstable energy within our pack decreases the effectiveness of our ability to achieve goals. How do you ‘get your pack’?
Action – Get your partners and collaborators on board. You need 2 partners and 8 collaborators to help you. Talk to both of your partners (usually your significant other and a sibling). Tell them and your collaborators what you want to achieve and how they can support you. Agree on what their support looks like and then follow through on those agreements.
While these are not the only tools available at Intuitive Development, they are a good start to being your authentic self with both your dog and human relationships. To continue your development, register for either the Journey to Success or the Client Success Plan. Both will deliver the guided course material and support to help you become who you’ve always dreamed of being.
~Amy Gorno, Editor-in-Chief

Amy is a believer that all people have the ability to tap into their intuition. She is continually developing her own intuitive abilities and encouraging others to explore their own gifts. Amy writes for and manages the blog at Intuitive Development. She creates the twice monthly eLetter that provides practical and tangible intuitive resources for everyday life. You can connect with Amy through Intuitive Development’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


Why Retreats are Good for the Soul
By Heather Cutlip
            When you think of going away on a retreat you may think of many things-trails, mountains, trees, lakes, oceans, sand, seclusion, peace and more. An escape from the everyday retreats, whether near or far, can offer a much needed sense of renewal and rejuvenation to your mind, body and spirit. Busy days and lives can leave us burnt out, overwhelmed and quite frankly uninspired. A sort of stagnation can set in and we lose a bit of our luster for life to the hum drum of the every day. Overly connected to smart phones, pcs, the news and social media it can seem almost foreign to return back to nature. But oh, how lovely it is. That feeling of gazing up at trees or the stars, feeling the soft caress of the wind on your face, and the beauty of stillness in nature. We return to not only a nature state of the earth, but a natural state of ourselves as well. Feel the soft grass or sand under your feet, and dig your toes right in. And like peeling an onion, you can shed all the different layers of yourself, remove all of your labels, and get down to the raw underbelly of your true self.
            Retreats can offer a needed break-time to disconnect form the stressors and obligations of our everyday world and give you a sense of liberation, freedom and room to just breathe. It’s essential in our modern day society to take time out for self care on a regular basis, and many of us fit a little bit in here and there with your weekly yoga class, occasional massage or simply a hot relaxing bath every once and a while. But when that’s simply not enough take the time to immerse yourself in an environment with support, guidance and activities that feed your soul. Many retreats are offered at remote destinations on lush beaches and resorts, offering all-inclusive packages. Other styles of retreats may be smaller in scale and a little closer to home, where a car ride will suffice. And other times you may find even simpler retreats right at home that offer an immersive day away for those who cannot carve out the time for a full weekend or week away. Whatever you choose be sure it’s schedule and agenda meet your needs for your time away.
            Some retreats offer many different options of classed and activities you may or may not choose to participate in, others may want all members to participate in every class. So if you want the freedom to keep your time open and spend how you choose, be sure that’s an option before you sign up. If you want to wake up early and hit that yoga class great, but if you’d rather take the time to sleep in listening to the birds and enjoy not having to do anything, my Goddess sleep!
            Getting away is a great time for self-exploration; retreats often have classes or workshops that offer useful skills to reconnect with yourself, grow and evolve. Spending time with new people and sharing these skills are a way to offer rejuvenation into your life when you return home. You have time to sit, reflect, find gratitude. You return back into your world with a refreshed sense of self, a rekindled sense of passion and direction in life. And much like going to summer camp as kids, intimate and sometimes life-long connections are made. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a soulmate or two on retreat with people from all over the world-lovely beings not of the romantic kind, but those you have instant connections with and felt like you’ve known them your entire life. The sense of community at a retreat is unparalleled to any other experience.
            So. If you need some time to reset your default, get a fresh start or simply reconnect with your true sense of self, I encourage you to take the time you need to ignite the fire back into your being and give your soul a peaceful place to dwell. Go ahead, dig your toes right in.
Get back to your true nature-Simplicity. Love. Gratitude. Contentment. Peace.
Many blessings,
Heather is participating in two upcoming retreats. She will be hosting her own one day Divine Woman’s all day retreat at her studio Little Lotus right in downtown Ferndale. The 8 our immersion includes 2 ceremonies and 4 classes including yoga, meditation, tribal fusion movement and finding your Divine essence. She will be the meditation instructor, offering sunrise and sunset mediations on the beach at the YogiPilooza retreat at the Crystal Lake Retreat Center in Frankfort, Michigan. There you will find cabin accommodations with yoga and Pilates classes, hiking, kayaking, meditation and more including evening bonfires and meals from Island Thyme catering. Massage services and private cooking classes are also being offered as well.
See more information on these retreats here
Heather’s bio
Heather is a  licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Reiki practitioner and wellness junkie. With a multi-faceted practice, she believes in a truly integrative approach to self care and embracing every aspect of yourself to blaze your own trail of awesomeness. Working with clients to tap into their own power, she incorporates many elements to harness the endless potential in everyone. She has her own studio Little Lotus Wellness Studio in Ferndale, MI and is the founder of Modern Goddess Living, where she hosts workshops and Meetups with local woman who wish to share, grow and connect to their own true nature.
You can see some of Heather’s published articles on Yoganonomous and hear some of her meditation on Insight Timer, one of the world’s most popular mediation apps. She has also been featured on Empower Radio, in Massage Magazine and on the tv show Real Woman, Real Issues.


Transformational Forgiveness

Of all my experiences with forgiveness, there is one that will likely be remain as the one told most often for the remainder of my life.  It proved to me, beyond any doubt whatsoever that there is transformational healing power in forgiveness.

7 years ago, I was given a forgiveness meditation that was labeled “The Theatre of the Mind”.  As I read over the process, I liked it.  It was simple and straight forward.  It did not require anything but my intention and a few minutes where I got very quiet and visualized the process.

So that evening, I decided to take this exercise for  test drive.  I did not have to look far to find a suitable ‘subject’ for the exercise (focused of course on someone other than myself who I needed to forgive).   Despite the fact that over the decades, I’d focused a lot of forgiveness work at my father, I figured just like a kitchen floor, there could be a bit of yellow wax build-up in the corners that this could eliminate.

So to the Theatre I went, focused the process on Duane and did the visualizations that were outlined in the instructions.  At the end of the process, I added… “I carry with me no scar of any kind from this relationship.”  I was thinking mental or emotional scars.. not even considering physical scars.

I wrapped up the process, and didn’t think too much about it.  It felt good, felt productive… end of subject.  That is, until the next evening  I was washing my face, which until that moment had always been a fairly mundane part of my day.  But on this night, my forehead felt different.  As I washed the soap away I discovered that a scar and bump that had resided on my forehead for about 35 years from a run in with a canoe paddle that had been launched from my father’s hands when I was 13 or 14 was gone.  100%, completely vanished from my face.  No bump, no scar, nothing.

You hear of people having moments when they cannot believe their eyes.  This was one of those moments for me.  I rubbed the spot, tipped my head at various angles in the light, up close to the mirror, back and forth, not believing that it as even possible that this sort of physical transformation could take place.  And then my own words came back to me.  “I carry with me no scar of any kind from this relationship.”  I guess I wasn’t kidding when I said that.

Since that day, I have listened to and read as much material about forgiveness as I could. I’ve attended and presented workshops on the subject and have shared various exercises and forgiveness tools whenever an opportunity presents.  Because I believe that much of what creates disorder in our lives and in our world is an inability or unwillingness to forgive, ourselves and others.

I believe that the lack of forgiveness, of ourselves and others can and does impact our health, our weight, our relationships, our happiness and our world.

But I know how one solitary act of forgiveness changed my physical body.  I can’t even imagine how that same act changed me on deeper levels.  I hope and pray that in some way, the telling of that story, the sharing of the ideas and tools I’ve worked with will help others to complete some of their own forgiveness work.  Each person and the world we occupy can be transformed by the process.


I’ve doubled back to this post today and linked a recording that I created of the Theatre of the Mind Meditation that is referenced above.

Please feel free to use it, download it, share it.  Please do not listen to it if you are driving or operating any sort of equipment.

If you use it, and experience any wonderful outcomes as a result, I’d love to hear from you!

Click Here to Visit the Theater of the Mind

Eric Webster

Lifestyle Engineer


My friend and acupuncturist Diana handed me this prayer/affirmation a few years ago before I set out on a six month "walk about." And when I say walk about, I mean I sold my two small businesses, bought a travel trailer, packed up the dogs and headed down the East Coast for what I consider the most spiritual time in my life with many awakenings.  I repeated this prayer every day for 6 months straight, and still say it on occasion, knowing all the words by heart.  Opening myself up to be abundant in more than just financial ways has brought me great love, great insight, and certainly great respect for the power of prayer.  I have no idea who write this beautiful prayer despite having searched the internet on several occasions.  Like this prayer, Spirit Anchor is a love letter to my meta and spiritual community.  Enjoy!

By the light of God that I am

By the love of God that I am

By the power of God that I am

By the heart of God that I am


I decree

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance. The abundance of God is my infinite source.

The river of life and abundance never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression.

Good comes to me through unexpected avenues, and God works in a myriad of ways to bless me. 

I now open my mind and my heart to receive all my good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. 

With God as my source, nothing amazes me.


I am not burdened by my thoughts of past or future, one is gone and the other is yet to come.

By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful, fearless actions and my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made manifest.


I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into the highest truth - My mind is quiet.

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with magnificent increase. 

Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways and God provides for me in wondrous ways. 

I am indeed grateful and I let it be so…


“Dear Ones,

Let us show you where the magic is. We will steer you in the right direction. There is an abundance of magic available to you now. Let us help you create magic in your lives. All we need from you is your open willingness to let abundance flow in your lives. You ask, “How do I do that?” We say, “Surrender your need to control.” It truly is that simple, Dear Ones. We love to help you simplify your lives. Let’s work together to allow more freedom and joy into your life. Let the masterpiece of your life unfold beautifully and with ease.

We love you so very much.
The Angels"

Note from Karin:
The last sentence from the Angels really stirred a feeling in my stomach. I felt a pulling sensation as though the Angels were helping me to free myself. Their message is a great reminder that creating what I desire doesn’t have to be fraught with pain, struggle and fear. I don’t have to push so hard. I can allow things to unfold in time and naturally. I can let it flow easily with joy!
I’ve been looking for a new job. I’ve been struggling through my job search. Having now received this amazing message from the Angels, the struggle ends here! My new focus is, “My new job comes to me easily.”

My decision to end the struggle produced great results. I landed a temporary assignment downtown and received two phone calls for interviews! My new job is on its way to me!
Let’s allow abundance, in whatever form it is, to flow to us naturally and with great ease!

With Love & Angel Blessings,
Karin O’Donnell, Certified Angel Practitioner

Karin’s spirited personality shines brightly through her passion to help clients heal. As an attentively guided listener, she’ll encourage you to uncover what is holding you back and quickly catapult you forward. Karin has spent 15 years studying and honing her intuitive abilities. As a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Karin identifies the blocks that keep us from experiencing life fully and gives us the tools to make it happen through Private Consultations and Angel Card readings. Karin also specializes in speaking with deceased loved ones who have passed over. Her kind approach and welcoming manner bring warmth to your heart in every session.

Courtesy The Center for Intuitive Development

Top Ten Reasons To Clear Your Space with Elemental Space Clearing
1. You've never had a clearing in your home or office
2. You want to bring greater abundance into your life
3. You’re preparing to sell a home
4. You’re moving into a new home or office
5. You want to draw new business to your doorstep
6. You would like to improve or repair relationships
7. You want to give your creative muscle a boost
8. You have been ill and want an extra boost for your recovery 
9. You feel stuck in trying to achieve a goal
10. A trauma has occurred in your home or to any of the occupants


We will meet for an initial consultation (in person or Skype) to discuss your desired intentions, specifically, what is it that you want more or less of in your life? This consultation typically lasts 45 minutes. BTW if you are thinking that your intention should be to win the lottery, I would not lay odds on that coming to fruition, at least not under the auspices of Elemental Space Clearing.

After the consultation I will design an altar reflecting your intentions. The altar acts as a grounding station, and also as a specific place to focus and hold our intentions. No two altars are ever the same, and I provide you with a report outlining the items on your altar and why they are there.

Mudras are also chosen. Mudras are hand movements that are designed to assist with bringing in your intentions. The use of Mudras has its roots in Sanskrit, where these hand movements were used for a number of things, including removing energy blocks from your body.

There are many different tools that are utilized to move and break up energy. Among them, rattles, singing bowls, bells, aromatherapy, drums, sage and clearing sprays. There are also tools that assist in reading energy such as a pendulum, (also known as dousing) and finger-mapping.

As we shake off the remnants of winter, and begin to crave fresh air, garden planting and open doors, think about clearing out all of the "stuff" of winter (or many winters!) with Elemental Space Clearing.


To learn more about Elemental Space Clearing and Susan's Services visit 

What is the reason you see a psychic reader or a medium?
I have heard a variety of reasons when I receive calls requesting a reading.  People want to hear from a loved one who has passed, or they want to know about their past life, and would like an Akashic Records reading.  Then there are many people who want to know their future and outcome with certain people, or for certain situations.  Yes, there are many from all walks of life in just about every circumstance that “seek out” a Psychic or a Medium to find answers. 
What I have come to realize after doing a number of readings is, that any reading you receive is also a healing for you.  People don’t realize the healing component when they seek out a psychic or medium to help them, as they just seem to want answers for themselves, as well as what's in store for their future.  Well, for one, your future is always changing.  And for another, no one can or should tell you what to do.  All we can do as psychics is predict and guide you, as again, your future is always changing. 
A psychic reading should bring you comfort, reassurance and help you get past a point in your life in which you feel stuck.  Readings are to provide you insightful information about yourself or another person, as well as the situation.  But it is the energy exchange between you and the psychic that is the foundation and the most important aspect of the reading.  As an example, say you receive information from the psychic and it is point on about the situation and person.  However, at the end of the reading you feel even more concerned and worried then when you got there.  In this case, the energy exchange did not flow.  The energy from the psychic to you is being blocked.  Most times this is unintentional by you, but the psychic should continue to read the movement of energy during the reading.  This is where the psychic uses his or her abilities to get past your block. 
At the same time though, you need to come into the reading open and ready to hear the messages that are being communicated.  As a client of mine once wrote in her recommendation of me, there was one sentence that really struck me:
“She feels like a best friend, healer, and counselor all in one.  I always walk away from her reading feeling soothed, healed and validated even when I have been told I have work to do so”. 
Yes, you do need to realize that a reading isn’t the final answer to your problems.  There is always work for you to do on your life path.  To hear this from my client, I knew that I had passed on the messages she needed to hear and most importantly, provide healing energy that she needed in able to move forward.
Readings that are done for you face-to-face, over the phone, and yes, even through email, should and can have the healing energy that you seek. 
So listen to not only the messages that the psychic speaks to you, but also feel the impact of the energy from those words.  Then take that positive energy straight into your heart, and healing for you will begin. 

Much Love, Blessings and Healing to those who read these words.  
Jerilyn Ito has always known that everyone is surrounded by Angels and realizes that everything in her life was guided by her own Angels. While pursuing her spiritual path, she realized that her Life Purpose is through guiding and healing. She has provided physical healing support and emotional support to her patients as a nurse. But, a few years ago, she discovered her gifts as a claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient and mediumship to bring emotional and spiritual guidance and healing to others. It was at that time she decided to follow her path of guiding others and bringing insight to their life. Jerilyn became a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER® in December 2014. She has received Channeling training Level 1 and 2, is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and is currently pursuing Clairvoyance Master Class from the Soul Authority School of Intuitive Arts. Jerilyn continues on her Life Purpose to reach out, guide, heal and enrich the lives of others by helping them to find their own place of power through 'Your Angel Circle'.

Courtesy The Center for Intuitive Development

Spirit, Mind, then Body… 1, 2, 3...
  1. Spirit – Connection to your Divine Guidance (Guide, Source, Spirit, God).  This is what people describe as being connected to a higher power.  There isn’t mind chatter or dialogue.  It’s a seamless flow of intuitive messages.  
  2. Mind – Our mind is where the ego is housed.  We can use this positively or negatively.  The mind is how we take in and process, store, and form beliefs around what Spirit provides.
  3. Body - With the information processed through the mind, we are then free to accomplish the actions or manifest a physical result.
*Excerpt from Embracing Your TruthThe Center for Intuitive Development

The order is important. Here’s why…
Mind, Body, Spirit is a common phrase used to indicate a holistic or spiritual approach. From what I’ve learned and continue to learn from Lynn M. Bunch, Founder and CEO of The Center for Intuitive Development, when the Mind or Body comes first, we lead from our humanity, which causes us to experience life through pain, struggle and fear. When we lead first with Spirit, we do not experience life through pain, struggle or fear. Each way can work to achieve our goals; one takes longer and is more painful, but we get to decide.
Much like higher education, the lessons at Intuitive Development continue to develop themselves. Each Mastering Intuitive Living class builds upon the last. The growing process is never stagnant (unless we choose that). We learn how to use our tools in new ways. Like learning a new keyboard shortcut on your computer. It’s very exciting!
Recently, we’ve been spending some time in our class on this particular order – Spirit, Mind, Body. It’s very easy to let our Mind lead the way. We live in an age where knowledge is power and we believe that knowledge is a purely mental process. Intelligence is strictly governed by the amount of knowledge we’ve collected. And that logic is more reliable than intuition.
But let me ask you this….

How many times have you ‘known’ to do something but let your logic talk you out of it only to reach the outcome and say, “I KNEW I should have done this differently”?

That is why the order matters. That’s why when Spirit comes first, life flows easier. The Mind is a powerful thing, but the Mind translates our Guidance rather than IS our guidance. Spirit is always there, always ready, always sending us intuitive messages. The willingness to receive them is where the Mind comes in to play and we have the power to choose. The core courses at Intuitive Development start retraining our brain to receive these messages and the results can be astounding.
Personally… I have seen many shifts in my life. Some of the more recent include: There is power in living in a Spirit, Mind, Body order versus Mind, Body, Spirit. I made all those shifts and more in just under a year through working with Intuitive Development. As Lynn M. Bunch has often said, putting Spirit first removes pain, struggle, and fear.
Life will still happen. Events still transpire. How we engage with that event is where the impact is. Mind, Body, Spirit is still functional and can be effective with a bit more effort but there will be pain, struggle, and fear.

The key is, things work out a little easier when we connect to Spirit first.

Spirit, Mind, Body.  1, 2, 3.

~Amy Gorno, Editor-in-Chief

Amy is a believer that all people have the ability to tap into their intuition. She is continually developing her own intuitive abilities and encouraging others to explore their own gifts. Amy writes for and manages the blog at Intuitive Development. She creates the twice monthly eLetter that provides practical and tangible intuitive resources for everyday life. You can connect with Amy through Intuitive Development’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Every year I create a “vision” board.  This activity provides me with a sense of hope and keeps me true to my personal and professional mission statements.   

OK,  so why should this matter to you? Well, I wanted to share this technique as I feel you would also benefit from creating a vision board.  Here is what you'll need: That’s it…and well, you need to bring your ideas, goals and desires.  I let spirit guide me to what I need to write outside of my obvious selections, which include Excellent Health, Spiritual Growth, Love, Right Livelihood (ten-fold path/Buddhism) and things like Family and like-minded Friends.
I start with writing the year in the middle, then I create lines leading me to the outer edges of the board, create some circles, write in my topics, then expand by writing my desires in/around/near those bubbles. I hang this poster in a place that will be seen often so I can stare at it and reflect.  I even attached things to my board as you will see in the image below, such as magazine pages with "things" I desire, fortune cookie slips telling me about my future (haha) and other miscellaneous items I feel help guide me on my yearly journey.
What will your vision board look like? It's entirely up to you!  Have fun, be creative, listed within, get inspired…do what feels right to you!!





This time of year has most of us in a giving mood or at least recognizing that perhaps we are blessed more than others.  But as you know, some people truly suffer during the holidays with bouts of depression due to a myriad of reasons such as no family or lost loved ones to spend time with, financial worries, stress, and so on; I myself have routinely suffered from the start of the winter blues and I have to "up" my Vitamin D intake as a preventative measure.  My sister asked me and our mother if we would like to help a local family in need this Christmas by pitching in to buy the kiddo's gifts - but of course we both answered.  I then realized that I also know people personally that could use some kindness and assistance during this holiday season, so I am visiting a friend tonight and will surprise her with a gift card to Toys R Us for her little guy, some cash, and dinner on me!  I love giving, always have and always will.  Since I can remember, I have given of myself or via financial assistance to many an organization.  I even co-founded a 501(c)3 non-profit no-kill cat shelter a few years back, ( and although I am no longer on the BOD, I still volunteer on occasion to spend time and donate funds to these furry little friends.  I am not tooting my horn in anyway, I am simply stating that "giving" feels good, and certainly helps those on the receiving end of one's kindness.  So friends, how will you help a friend or organization in need this holiday season, and do you have any solid plans to continue the kindness in 2017?  No guilt or pressure, but just think of one person or organization that could use a hug, donation, a meal, a $20 bill, or your time - then make it happen. Blessings to all.


Greetings Spirit Anchor members and friends -

Today is World AIDS day!  I have lost several friends to this horrible disease and I also have a few friends who are currently HIV positive.  I am writing this post today as I think, as a nation, we have lost sensitivity to this disease partially because (thank goodness) the number of people afflicted with AIDS/HIV the USA has decreased, but also because of the other craziness that is going on in our world right now.  Even though numbers have decreased here, there are still more than 30,000 new cases each month in places like Africa.  Each day during my morning prayer-time, I pray for World Peace but today I prayed for everyone living with AIDS/HIV.  I can't imagine how horrible it must feel to know you have a terminal disease that could kill you without daily medication and proper medical care.  Alas, hoping everyone who reads this blog will send out a quick prayer to all those effected by AIDS/HIV.   Blessings!!


Happy Monday!  Well, the holiday season has officially launched and many of us will be spending time with family and friends to (try to) enjoy the holidays.  If you're like me however, the holidays can be a somewhat stressful time due to heightenend energy from my surroundings.   As someone who has always been Clairsentient, (empathic) I really need to ground and protect myself from the elements to ensure I don't get lost in the mix.   During my morning practice which consists of prayer and meditation, one important aspect of my ritual is to ground myself.  I use my Tiger's Eye and Tourmaline crystals held in hand and say something along the lines of "I am protected by diving love - my body, my aura and my chakra fields are all kept safe by the light of God." I also envision my feet digging deep into mother earth and will send a large white bubble of light to myself and those I hold dear.  I feel this is important now more than ever, especially with the energy shift following this historical and chaotic election.  So friends, keep yourself safe and ground and enjoy this magical time!


This past weekend I attended the Awake & Empower Expo in Detroit, Michigan.  This 3-day-long expo consisted of workshops, seminars, and practitioner booths ranging from healing sessions to art work - it was simply magical!

The expo was produced by Ethan Fox, founder of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution, and presented so many wonderful speakers like James Gilliland whom I saw in a Gaia documentary, Barbara Lamb who I sat next to during the Dixon's Violin muscial celebration, Werner Brandmaier who is a leader in Fung Shui and Geopathic Stress, and Micheila Sheldon, an intuitive channel...just to name a few.  I had an Aura reading with Barb Morey and a healing session with Debby Soloma who I also bought some wonderful essential oils from and used all weekend.

Do I feel awake and empowered, you betcha!  These types of events are perfect for us practitioners and those "seeking" more insight into Metaphysical and MetaSpiritual topics.  The energy surrounding the expo was palpable, and the people I met were simply inspiring; some people traveled in from Canada and the East Coast just to be part of this experience and many of the presenters came in from some pretty far locals.  

Attending an expo like this, brings in new energy and new insights from a myriad of resources.  I knew very little about 5th, 6th and higher dimensions and boy, were they there this weekend.  I wanted to connect with like-minded people, and I did - I knew some of the people there and I met new friends.  My hope for you, is that you find expo's like this one to attend to enhance your practice or simply to meet other people on a similar journey - we can all benefit from learning and I can promise you will by attending this type of event.

If you know of any events in your area that you would like for us to promote, simply send the details via our contact us page!  


Well, today marks the start of our 3rd week in the Metasphere and we already have more than 80 members, great feedback on the site and our mission, some press and some suggestions.

During a recent interview, I was asked how hard it was to create this site.  I really had to think about this one as I never considered the creation of hard - more an experience in patience as I waited to "go live" and countless hours of content and design going into this concept, one that was divinely inspired.  It got me thinking about patience in a different way.  A way that many of us strive to conquer, yet fail time and time again ala "hurry up and wait," "patience is a virtue," and so on.

For many years, I have struggled with patience.  When I make my mind up, yowzers I get "stuff" done, and with my other businesses they've grown organically but with Spirit Anchor, I had a hard time waiting since I knew spirit had guided me to create and share this site and content with my fellow practitioners and I wanted it produced the day I decided to go forth and create. During an Akashic Records reading the weekend before last, I was informed that yes, this idea was divinely inspired and more importantly, I have what can be described as a Board of Directors guiding me through this life - how cool is that!  The feedback I received is to breath, have patience and know I am on the right track...  OK, I can breath and thank you for telling me I am on the right track, but there was that word again- patience.  

For the past week, I have been breathing more and having gratitude for Spirit Anchor, and of course per my Course in Miracles teaching, asking the Holy Spirit to heal my fear based thoughts, around patience.  So friends, take a deep breath with me and let's all be grateful for the lessons patience delivers today, tomorrow and everyday moving forward.



A huge thanks to all - it is the end of our first week and already we have so many wonderful and talented new members listed in our directory.  I am so excited to see where this website goes, and how many people we can reach with our special talents.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone - things are only going to get bigger and better!!

Hello, and welcome to the first entry in the Spirit Anchor blog - my name is Kristen Schmitt and I am the founder of Spirit Anchor, LLC.

Whether you are a Metaphysical/MetaSpiritual professional or just someone who stumbled upon our site, I know you will find useful information on today, and every day moving forward.  Since we are a new website, content might seem a little light - but alas, as our membership database grows, so will the content.

I started this site with the intention of bringing my fellow gifted friends together in a safe space where we can further explore our gifts and abilities, and showcase our talents for people interested in what we do...  As an empath, I have learned how to control energy, especially when I am around people who give off toxic energy, or those who where "sucking" the life out of me. I am a Reiki practitioner (Level 3/4 Usui and Level 1 Karuna) and have had clairvoyant experiences my entire life.  I am hard-working, creative and compassionate person who simply wants to help educate the masses on what we do, and how we do it!

Since we are new, we might have to work out a few "kinks" in our system, so please let me know if you have any questions or how I can be of assistance for you in any way.  Thank you so much for visiting and/or becoming a member and being listed in our directory, have a fantastic day and keep coming back!

Love & Light,