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Spirit Anchor Member Spotlight - Medium Susan Grau

Kristen Schmitt What does it mean to be a Medium? Well for SoCal Psychic-Medium and Intuitive Life Coach Susan Grau, it means a multitude of things.  I had the pleasure of meeting Susan back in 2015 while attending IWWC, a course-based learning center run by renowned Metaphysical Professional Dr. Anne Reith.  Susan also did a reading for my mother that I sat in on, and we were both in awe with her accuracy, compassion and dedication to her art…the art of Mediumship.
Although Susan recalls having her “special gifts” from birth, she was just four years old when she was locked in a freezer and had a Near Death Experience; (NDE) which for many, is the catalyst for unlocking psychic and metaphysical skills.  It wasn’t until she was about eight years old that she began to realize she was different from other people, being able to hear and speak with those who had passed - mainly the deceased who knew she could see and communicate with them, and for her to give messages to loved ones left behind.
Susan knew early on that she had some very special abilities, and like many of us, she tried to avoid her potential during her teen years. However, and she says, “It was my divine purpose, and I simply couldn’t avoid it any longer!”  I asked Susan if she ever received “scary” messages from beyond as many people have asked me this same question.  Susan answered that all answers from Spirit come from a good place and that her clients always have the opportunity to set boundaries.  She adds, “I am there to make the most of my clients experience and give them my honesty and truth as well as Spirits truth.”
I asked Susan what is the one thing or things you wish people would recognize (and/or accept) about people who work in metaphysics, she answered: “I’d like everyone to know that this is real, and although there are some who want to believe that this is evil, phony, or calculated, they couldn't be more wrong. I want to show people that I come from a place of love, and my only desire is to help others heal.  Many are so fearful, unaccepting, and cynical when it comes to having the ability to feel or see the afterlife. That type of thinking is very foreign to me. I think fear makes them pushback and resistant to the process.”
A Southern California native, Susan started her career as a certified Intervention Specialist who transitioned into working full-time professionally as a Medium, Life Path Intuitive Coach, Reiki Healer, and Author/Lecturer, as well as a Hospice Volunteer. She wants people to know that we are not alone, and that we all have special gifts! She shared that visiting her as a Medium, for one to come in with an open mind and have faith in the process, have faith that spirit brought you to her for a reason and that she is here to help you find that reason…guide you on the right path…and to make the most of your journey!
Susan is listed in the Spirit Anchor ( directory and is of a select few chosen to be part of James Van Prague’s professional directory for psychics and mediums.  Susan just returned from being part of a hugely successful Hawaiian retreat and has a Pod Cast in the works.
To learn more about Susan and/or to book a session, please find her via the Spirit Anchor directory or visit her website:

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